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Lucifer #10 Review

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Lucifer #10 Review

Lucifer is more than likely my favorite series of the last year (just look at all the high scores I’ve given it) and damn have writer Holly Black and artist Lee Garbett upped the stakes in the last issue. This week we get to see who will be ruling over all–exciting stuff, but is it good?

Lucifer #10 (Vertigo Comics)

Lucifer #10 Review

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So what’s it about? Read the official Vertigo summary:

The battle for the Throne of Hell reaches a boiling point, as family ties are cut, quite possibly literally. Plus, the return of another ruler of angelic parentage: Elaine Belloc!

Why does this book matter?

Lucifer entered a battle for Hell, but maybe Black and Garbett threw us for a loop and made it so Hell doesn’t matter at all. They’re doing some huge things with this series right now, shifting time and space to make room for a new enemy that might even get Heaven and Hell to band together over.

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

Lucifer #10 Review
TV will do that to you.

Black opens this issue with a great intro to how God could be remade. It doesn’t make sense, right? How could there be a rebirth of sorts? But Black opens up the idea of one true god and makes it work. There are plenty of gods in this universe after all so it makes some sense, plus it allows Black to remind us Sandman exists in it which is pretty darn cool too. The book also closes with a major revelation from the new god that’s in the process of putting a new order upon the universe, which gives this issue a nice bookend feel.

The middle section of this issue focuses on Lucifer dealing with his newfound family issues. This section rushes a bit, but serves to remind us Lucifer is all about tough love (if he can love at all). It also reminds us his relationships are a lot more complicated than we might have thought. You can also see Black is setting things up when it comes to the house of Lucifer which should be interesting to see pan out.

Garbett continues to do great work–especially with the god that appeared in the full page splash last month, with a dreamlike, mythic feel throughout. The opening pages that reveal the inner workings of gods is particularly cosmic in nature with a positively gruesome looking monstrosity we’ll soon learn much more about I’m sure. There are quite a few panels that show off multiple angels and demons that efficiently convey both realms are changing fast. Mazikeen’s scarred face is particularly gruesome and makes her kiss with Lucifer disturbing. Lucifer’s facial expressions are also on point, conveying his laissez faire attitude.

It can’t be perfect can it?

Maybe it’s the somewhat misleading cover, or the incredible anticipation of seeing this new god do and say things, but dammit not enough time is spent on that. Instead the issue is mostly table setting as it deals with the fallout of the last issue. This and the last issue together make a great issue, but the story is starting to feel decompressed.

While Garbett continues to do great things with the mythical feel regardless of scene, the final page doesn’t do enough to convey the wonderment and strangeness of what Lucifer reveals. There was an opportunity to get the reader excited for where he is that falls flat.

Lucifer #10 Review
They should have a reality show.

Is It Good?

There’s something brooding and building that should not be missed in this series. It’ll change the way you think of Heaven and Hell! This issue unfortunately does more table setting with a slower pace and leaves you wanting more.

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