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Detective Comics #942 Review

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Detective Comics #942 Review

The “Night of the Monster Men” has destroyed lives, half of Gotham, and nearly Nightwing and Gotham Girl as well. How does the final issue wrap everything up? Are all the loose ends tied up? Is Clayface the best goddamn part? Does anyone notice Spoiler and the Orphan at all in these issues? READ ON FOR ANSWERS!

Detective Comics #942 (DC Comics)


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When we last left the Bat-family, s--t was pretty real, and getting realer by the second. Nightwing and Gotham Girl, both monsters for a hot second, were cured, they’d found out Hugo Strange’s location, and Batman was on his way, alone he claimed, to stomp that 4’11” shitheel into the bricks.

That leaves the rest of the Bat-Family to try to take down a monster the size of a Kaiju, with – and I can’t believe i’m typing this – some buildings.

Yes. Wayne Buildings.

With the logo of the person manning them on the outside…in their unique color scheme.


Like, how did they miss the “AND I’LL FORM THE HEAD” obvious joke?

So lets put a pin in that for a hot second, and come back to the true crux of the issue.

Is It Good?

Other than Batman starting Voltron: The Real Estate Company? Yes. Quite good.

Look, call me a purist. I want my Batman unknowable and shadowy. I don’t want there to be a direct connection to Bruce Wayne (Batman Inc. was just dreck), I don’t want it to be obvious to anyone other than Jim Gordon, and I certainly don’t want there to be VERY OBVIOUS WAYNE ENTERPRISES BUILDINGS WITH NIGHTWING LOGOS ON THEM.

So that part? Drove me nuts. The guy knows Superman and yet, buildings… okay, lets move on.

Hugo Strange? Fantastic. Finally a good reimagining of him back to his more classic roots of wanting to replace Batman… even though he’s Tyrion sized. The last time I personally encountered him was Arkham City, where they made him into some Fraiser Crane wannabe, instead of a shrink with short-man complex. This is much more my speed.


Finally, Clayface. I don’t know what it is about this gooey bastard that makes me love him, but love him I do. He was an awesome tortured villain, and seems to make an even better good guy – a true powerhouse that Batman can use in most situations. If he keeps on the way he’s going, Batman will just have to let the guy move into the Cave and start inviting him to all the Bat-Family picnics.

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