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Justice League #7 Review

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Justice League #7 Review

The deepest fears of the Justice League are changing how they think and feel, which spells potential doom for the world. Can they break free of their spell?

Justice League #7 (DC Comics)

Justice League #7 Review

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So what’s it about? The DC summary reads:

“STATE OF FEAR” part two! In the conclusion to this story, a new threat that manipulates the fears of its victims has turned the Justice League against each other, and only heroes trained to overcome fear—Green Lanterns Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz—can save Earth’s greatest heroes from themselves!

Why does this book matter?

This is the wrap up of a two-part story which means we get a climatic conclusion here, people! The heroes are ready to kill each other and commit crimes and it’s got to be interesting to see them use their powers for bad right?

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

Writer Bryan Hitch does a good job bouncing around to show us how our heroes are dealing with fear and it’s interesting to see how they react; some resort to crime, others isolation and depression, and others feed their ego. It’s a neat way to shed light on the characters’ personalities and for the most part it makes some sense (though I’m not sure about Flash to be honest). The issue opens with Batman going over his self made hell of blaming himself for everyone close to him being hurt or killed when Superman comes in to slug him one. From there we get a scene with Aquaman and Wonder Woman dragging a U.S. battleship to shore basically stroking their egos and expressing the desire to take over the world since their dominion would improve what’s already in place. As each scene progresses you get a keen sense of who these characters would be if they were villains which is a pretty cool aspect of the issue.

It’s also nice to see Jessica Cruz highlighted as possibly the most heroic and good hearted character of the bunch. For the longest time her key character trait has been succumbing to fear and self doubt and Hitch gives her a key part in the story and its conclusion. She also has some interesting scenes with Flash that build up their relationship, which could be very interesting moving forward.

Justice League #7 Review
Loving this page.

Artist Jesus Merino does a bang up job with a great Superman vs Batman double page spread, and a solid use of perspective to make Aquaman and Wonder Woman look impressive as they drag a battleship. A scene with Flash thieving is also quite nice, with a cool blur effect and a good use of zooming in on the background as the scene progresses to convey his super speed. The climactic attack on the enemy is pretty cool too with a neat explosive effect over the city to make it feel massive.

It can’t be perfect can it?

There’s a lot of inexplicable things going on in this issue. Take for instance Cyborg, who is playing football on his school team. When did this happen? Is he really in school, because that’s not something going on in his book. In another scene we see Aquaman and Wonder Woman basically egging the U.S. army on, but there wasn’t a scene setting this up beforehand which makes it feel random. Without any setup it also loses credibility and it concludes off page which further makes it pointless and confusing. I suspect the threat is still out there somewhere, because this issue doesn’t actually conclude anything with certainty. The good guys win, I guess, though it seems to because the plot demanded it rather than the team doing anything together to vanquish it.

It’s also incredibly melodramatic when it comes to actions and dialogue. Aquaman and Wonder Woman for instance, sound unlike themselves and more like postulating bad guys with no character at all. Superman and Batman also come off as over the top and there’s a panel with Superman screaming, “Gaaaaaaah!” that made me roll my eyes and laugh at the same time. All in all the characters aren’t themselves though so it gets a pass as far as voice.

Justice League #7 Review
Nice splash!

Is It Good?

Justice League #7 gets to the core of each of the heroes via fear, which is a unique and interesting perspective. It’s entertaining enough, though it ends at out of nowhere and has quite a few problems with plot and dialogue.

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