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The Lost Boys #6 Review

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The Lost Boys #6 Review

The final issue of The Lost Boys miniseries is here. Picking up from the ending of the classic 1980’s film, the miniseries reconnects us with the Emerson family, who barely survived moving to Santa Clara. “Lost Girls” were the danger this time, with plans to reawaken an ancient race of vampire forerunners. Mike, Sam, and self-proclaimed vampire hunters the Frog Brothers took their licks but looked like they had put the vamps away for good last issue. Unfortunately, the last panel showed us otherwise, so it’s time for a final showdown. Is it good?

The Lost Boys #6 (Vertigo Comics)

The Lost Boys #6 Review

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There seemed to be a new enemy appearing in every issue. First it was the “Blood Belle” female vampires. When they were mostly beaten, we were led to believe the whole plot was to resuscitate an old vampire race who were promptly introduced and killed off in the same issue. This time the ultimate mastermind of the entire vampire problem is revealed to be…(this was revealed at the end of issue #5, so I don’t consider it a spoiler) an old woman in a nursing home.

That’s where things kick off this time, with Mike, Sam, and Edgar Frog going to deliver the ancient vampire blood to granny Dracula, in exchange for their mom, Laddie and the dog. There’s an army of bloodsucking seniors in their way and they have to weigh the lives of their family against giving blood back to the vampire leader, which will restore her youth. There are some nice moments at the end that tie up the series and give a set up to possibly continue the story in the future.


Writer Tim Seeley has done a fine job reviving the characters and tying the new storyline in with the old one people remember. Where this issue ultimately stumbled for me was the showdown with the vampire matron–it didn’t have any real tension, as we were just introduced to the threat. Just like the vampire race from the last issue, there’s the threat of malice, but since this is the last issue, just as quickly as it was introduced, it was gone. It felt disconnected to me, even though there had been a few hints, as Edgar Frog had mentioned his conspiracy theory that the town’s officials and policemen were somehow involved with the vampires, in past issues. It didn’t feel like enough though, as the “Blood Belles” and the returning David where the main antagonists for four and a half issues and would have made more of an impact as the climactic fight rather than two big reveals, back to back, that there’s no emotional attachment to.


Artist Scott Godlewski, who has drawn the entire series, continues his work of capturing the look of the actors from the film perfectly. The whole series has had a nice panel flow, and this one is no exception–especially since there are lots of action scenes and he manages to make it all easy to follow.

Is It Good?

This was, sadly, probably my least favorite from the entire series. It wasn’t bad, or boring, but the books really hit their stride around issues #3 and #4 with the inclusion of the muscle-bound sax player as a vampire hunter and the epic underground confrontation with the female vampires. It made the last two issues run a little cooler, since the “Lost Girls” angle was essentially wrapped up by this time so that they could include the surprise reveals of the bigger baddies just when you thought the Emerson family had won. In all the series was a better sequel than the two straight to video installments and I’m glad I read it. I just wish it had gone out on a better note.

The Lost Boys #6 Review
The Lost Boys #6
Is It Good?
Not bad, or boring, but the books really hit their stride around issues #3 and #4.
Nice moment at the end with David and Star and the door being left open for more vamps in the future.
Has the vibe and dialogue of its 80's predecessor.
Grandma vamp had no real emotional pull as the bad guy, since she was just revealed in the last one.
The series hit its stride a couple issues ago and this wasn't a great one to finish on as it didn't exemplify how good the series had been at the peak.
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