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'Dragon Ball Z' Wrap-Up and 'Dragon Ball Super' Episode 1 Review

Dragon Ball Super

‘Dragon Ball Z’ Wrap-Up and ‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 1 Review

It is often commented that Dragon Ball Super starts off several months after the end of Dragon Ball Z (DBZ). It is easy to write this off because it has been so long since DBZ was on TV, but when was the last time you watched DBZ? What even happened at the end? Did I even watch the show fully to the end or did I give up on it during that “five minute fight” with Freeza that took about three years to finish?

In actuality, Dragon Ball Super doesn’t take place after the end of DBZ. Super does take place a few months after the defeat of Majin Buu; however, DBZ had jumped forward 10
years in time during the last few episodes of the series. These postscript episodes actually take place after Super (assuming they remain in continuity).

To summarize what happened at the end of DBZ, Goku was fighting Kid Buu (the ultimate form of Majin Buu). Goku finally managed to defeat Kid Buu using his failsafe method of the Great Spirit Bomb (a common fallback when Goku can’t defeat his enemies by just beating them up).


After the defeat of Kid Buu, people were still concerned about the presence of Majin Buu (the big fat pink guy) who ended up being the “good” parts of Buu that formed when Buu split into two parts, one evil and one good. To solve this problem, six months after the defeat of Majin Buu, the dragon balls were summoned and Goku wished that Majin Buu be erased from the people’s memories. This allowed the good Majin Buu to live among the people as a “regular” alien citizen under the stewardship of Mr. Satan.

The final episode of DBZ (Episode 288, “He’s Always Late”) before Super takes place has Goku trying to save a bunch of bird eggs while the rest of the heroes enjoy peace at a party at Bulma’s place. (In what can only be termed a boring filler episode)

An Alternative DBZ Future

The final few episodes of DBZ (Episodes 289 through 291) jump 10 years into the future. In this future Gohan has become a scholar and has married Videl. They also now have a daughter, Pan. A new World Tournament is set up so that Goku could fight a mysterious fighter who has suddenly appeared. The mysterious fighter Uub, turns out to be a reincarnation of Kid Buu (at least the good parts of him). Goku leaves at the end of the series to live with and train Uub.

2. Goku_vs_Uub

So, although it seems like the majority of GT, if not all of it is overwritten by Super, Super likely overwrites much of this DBZ postscript as well. But I guess we will just have to wait and see how this turns out. Goku and Vegeta’s power level during the postscript episodes of DBZ doesn’t seems to be anywhere near where they ascend to during Super, however they could find a way to fit it in.

Dragon Ball Super: Episode 1 “The World Peace Prize – Who is Getting the 100 Million Zeni?!” Recap

Battle of Gods arc – Episode 1/14

We start Dragon Ball Super with the recap of the final battle with Kid Buu and the calling of the dragon balls to erase the memories of Buu from humanity. Several months later, we pick up with the first episode.

For the opening episode of the series we get what can only be called a recap, showing where many of our favorite heroes are today:

  • Goku: During this time Goku is being forced to work as a farmer by Chi-Chi in order to support their family. However, his desire to train never goes away so he lets Goten play on the tractor while he eats and trains. Goku claims that he must keep training in order to keep everyone safe just in case someone else stronger than Majin Buu comes along.
  • Chi-Chi: Unfortunately relegated to a harping nag of a wife, she is determined to make Goku work and earn money for the family.
  • Mr Satan and Buu: A clear “romance” has blossomed between the two. Mr Satan has proclaimed world peace and is interrupted by a hungry Buu, whom Mr Satan has “accepted” as his pupil to the press, but in actuality he is set to be a calming influence on Buu, trying to keep Buu from blowing his top by giving him neck rubs.
  • Gohan, Videl, and Piccolo: Gohan and Videl are now married, and Gohan is back to being a scholar and apparently has Piccolo creepily watching them from a distance.
  • Goten, Trunks, and Bulma: In an original Dragon Ball series type act, Goten wants to get Videl a gift as a marriage present. They eventually get her lake water, thinking it is special spring water as “suggested” by Bulma.
  • Master Roshi: Master Roshi makes a cameo continuing to be the dirty old man.
  • New characters Lord Beerus and Whis: We are teased with two of the new main characters in this series, Lord Beerus and Whis. Beerus is someone of immeasurable power, capable of destroying half an entire planet for being given a meal he didn’t like.

3. Beerus_and_Whis

We end the episode with Mr Satan giving Goku 100 Million Zeni, which he received for saving the Earth from Majin Buu (which he took credit for). Goku is hesitant at first but eventually relents. This allows Goku off the hook from having to work and go train with King Kai, promising to come visit from time to time.

4. Satan_giving_money

Old Supreme Kai and Kubito Kai: The very end of the episode provides an ominous warning from the Old Supreme Kai and Kibito Kai about another planet explosion.

5. Kais

Battle of Gods Movie Link

Battle of Gods to Super Time Correlation: ~3 minutes 30 seconds

These first 14 episodes of Super are retellings of the 2013 (2014 English dub) movie Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods. The movie runs for 105 minutes including all the openings and closing credits, now being stretched into 14 ~23 minute episodes (a total of about 320 minutes now).

Instead of just the ending of DBZ as is shown in the first episode of Super, Battle of Gods gives a much wider recap, including many parts of Dragon Ball and DBZ. But after the recap, the movie itself starts about where the first episode ends, with Supreme Kai and Kubito Kai lamenting over the awakening of Beerus.

Episode Thoughts and Feelings

This series was made to be a spiritual sequel to DBZ, which Dragon Ball GT was never able to really achieve. The premier episode is clearly set up to show us viewers where all of our favorite heroes currently are.

However, I feel they have took some missteps in their first episode. Most of it is my feeling for how they continue to destroy Chi-Chi’s character (as well as most of the women in the show). She was transformed from a warrior in her own right back in the Dragon Ball days to being a nagging wife who just yells at Goku to make money. It’s terribly annoying and I wish they would treat her better.

Mr Satan is spot on from his portrayal in DBZ, though–an overly cocky fighter who in reality pales in comparison to our heroes in the series. Most intriguing, though, is the addition of Lord Beerus and Whis, who go on to become major players in the series and are some of my favorite characters in the Dragon Ball lore as a whole.

What are your thoughts on Episode 1 of Super? Share them below!

'Dragon Ball Z' Wrap-Up and 'Dragon Ball Super' Episode 1 Review
Dragon Ball Super Episode 1

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