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Dragon Ball Super: Episode 2 Review

Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball Super: Episode 2 Review

Dragon Ball Super: Episode 2 “To the Promised Resort! Vegeta Takes a Family Trip!” Recap

Battle of Gods arc – Episode 2/14

Having been given a reprieve from Chi-Chi, Goku heads off to King Kai’s planet to train and in the process we have some more characters making their Super debut.

King Kai, Bubbles, and Gregory: All the inhabitants on King Kai’s planet are still dead from the self-destruction of Cell, whom Goku transported to King Kai’s planet back in the Cell Games saga. But besides that, they are essentially the same, bad jokes and all. Goku arrives to begin his training, much to the chagrin of King Kai.


Vegeta, Bulma, and Trunks: Vegeta, who has always been my favorite, continues to be the grumpy sourpuss. In this episode of dragging things out interminably, the family goes on a vacation. This is because Trunks was able to land a punch on Vegeta’s face from a scene obviously taken from Dragon Ball Z (although I can’t recall the exact episode).


Bulma claims that Vegeta has changed since his fight with Buu. Could he be suffering some PTSD effects from being possessed by Babidi? Following a shopping trip, what is the one thing that always helps a Saiyan with his grumpy mood? That’s right: Food. And so we have an extended eating scene to show that Vegeta isn’t always in such a bad mood, although it ends that way.


After losing Bulma and Trunks at a Hawaiian type luau, he loses his temper and flies off to continue his training. To make up for doing nothing the whole episode, Vegeta ramps up his training to his normal 150 times gravity. During his angry self-reflection commentary, Vegeta admits Goku is the best warrior, but vows to not be outdone.

Lord Beerus and Whis: Jumping back to Beerus, it turns out that he had a dream of someone and it is bothering him because he can’t remember anything else about that person. We move on to a primitive planet full of little aliens who are under attack from a giant dinosaur like creature. This creature is beaten by their warrior for their tribe until Whis, who is first named in this episode, shows up to claim it for Beerus’s meal. Beerus hopes the dinosaur meat will give him clarity for his dream. Beerus easily defeats their greatest warrior with one finger.


However, Beerus decides the planet isn’t worth it, and destroys it. The explosion seems to have help clarify his dream of the “ultimate fighter waiting to be awoken”.

And now he has a name: “Super Saiyan God”


Old Supreme Kai and Kubito Kai: We find out from them that Beerus is really “Lord Beerus the Destroyer” and he has awoken from his nap early, after only 39 years.

Battle of Gods Movie Link
Battle of Gods to Super Time Correlation: ~3 minutes to 3 minutes 30 seconds

The Battle of Gods movie focuses mainly on Goku during the early scenes and since this episode focused mainly on Vegeta, there isn’t much of a cross over. We are still before the main action of the movie, within the talk between Old Supreme Kai and Kubito Kai about Beerus. The conversation in the movie is a combination of the conversations seen between them in both episodes 1 and 2. Now we have covered the entirety of that conversation from the movie in the series but nothing else really new.

Episode Thoughts and Feelings

Dragon Ball Super Episode 2 focused mostly on Vegeta, practically ignoring Goku since he was the focus of the first episode. This is a slight detour from DBZ, which portrayed Goku as the one and only main character of the series (minus some brief diversions when they tried to make Gohan the lead). As Vegeta is my favorite character, I am all for this. His family time moments though are practically mind numbing, and the degree of drag-out that the opening of this series has gone through is starting to grate on my nerves. Beerus gives a good tantalizing taste of what is to come though.

Having watched far into the future subbed episodes, I like the teases that they incorporate early on that I didn’t catch my first time through. This includes the mention of the 7th Universe. This gets greatly expanded upon later, but in short, there are 12 universes in total and so far we have only seen one universe, which happens to be Universe 7, where all our heroes live.

Here’s to hoping that things pick up soon. Did you like Episode 2 of Super? Share your thoughts below!

Dragon Ball Super: Episode 2 Review
To the Promised Resort! Vegeta Takes a Family Trip!

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