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Future Quest #11 Review

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Future Quest #11 Review

A force that assimilates minds and destroys planets is on Earth and Hanna-Barbera’s heroes are the only thing that can stop it! Just another day for Space Ghost I guess, but is it good?

Future Quest #11 (DC Comics)

Future Quest #11 Review

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So what’s it about? The official summary reads:

City after city falls as Omnikron razes planet Earth! With no way to evacuate in the face of attack, the only course is to make a stand! Space Ghost assesses his new allies and forms the boldest plan yet to stop the terror of the galaxy. Robots, monsters, kids and mad scientists are the only hope for the future!

Why does this book matter?

Jeff Parker has written a strong series so far by combining a ton of the Hanna-Barbera characters into a satisfying and concise sort of way. With the help of artist Evan “Doc” Shaner, they’ve made this an adventure that’s action packed and filled with cool characters.

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

Future Quest #11 Review
What is that…thing!?

This is quite a cataclysmic issue, with all the heroes combining forces to enact a plan that could either mean the end of the world, or the world saved! It’s a lot of fun, with every character getting a chance to shine. There’s even a good introduction of each character via Johnny Quest talking into a camera. It only takes up a page and is helpful to any new readers. In fact, I’d say new readers could jump on here and enjoy the climactic battle. There’s also a fun explanation for the villain and it’s inter-dimensional travel via tube TV panels. It’s given an entire page, but given its threat level it’s worth it.

The explanation of the villain is partly important because its complexity demands all these heroes fight together. As they fight they communicate and work and I can only imagine old school Hanna-Barbera fans will love this. It ends with a nice bookend element as Johnny Quest feels unhelpful to start, but by the end he’s going to be playing a huge part in the next issue.

The art by Shaner keeps every panel–no matter how many characters fill it–clear and understandable. The monster is quite cool looking with a see-through look with teeth and eyes all over it. Space Ghost and Birdman look fantastic and really, aren’t they everyone’s favorite?

Future Quest #11 Review
Nice recap of who they all are.

It can’t be perfect can it?

This isn’t the most in depth read, with much of the plot focusing on characters shouting and running about to get things done. It’s pretty much all plot and action which leaves you with characters that are too busy to mince words and be all that complex. Still, given this type of book it’s expected.

Is It Good?

Future Quest #11 is an exciting issue that combines so many characters into a massive event level story you’ll get a kick out of it.

Future Quest #11 Review
Future Quest #11
Is It Good?
You won't see this many Hanna-Barbera characters fighting together like this anywhere else. The book combines them all in a fun, action packed way.
Gives every member of the team something to do and say
Good recap woven into the story of the heroes and villain
Not much beyond action in this one
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