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Gamora #4 Review

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Gamora #4 Review

Trapped on a planet soon to be sucked into a black hole, Gamora has had better days. Then again, maybe not, as she just found out she’s not the last of her race. We peer into the 4th issue of this exciting new series, but is it good?

Gamora #4 (Marvel Comics)

Gamora #4 Review

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So what’s it about? Check out the preview.

Why does this book matter?

Marco Checchetto is drawing his pants off when it comes to the science fiction elements in this series. His style has a grungy feel that gives even the most beautiful tech a back street vibe. Meanwhile, writer Nicole Perlman is doing a great job fleshing out Gamora, but also the a new young fighter called L’wit. Gamora may soon realize she’s not so different from L’wit even if she wants her dead.

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

Gamora #4 Review
Is that Kryptonite?

The story of revenge continues with a pulse pounding twist or two in this issue that keeps your interest all the way through. Perlman adds a good amount of character work for Gamora in this issue via L’wit’s attempts to reason with her. Luckily, Perlman never has Gamora change her tune when it comes to revenge, which suits this character having been trained by Thanos. You get the sense we’re witnessing Gamora finding herself in all the chaos, which makes the action feel meaningful.

There’s plenty of it here too, from a fight on a sacrificial bridge, to L’wit’s escape via a clever gravitational issue with the planet. In one sequence, Gamora must jump over a river of lava, which is rendered beautifully. The art throughout this issue is quite nice and Checchetto’s ability to draw environments and technology is quite good. The motorbike Gamora uses to jump the lava for instance, looks functional and really cool. There’s also a fantastic flashback to the hell Gamora was put through by Thanos which helps remind us she’s been twisted by the Mad Titan.

Gamora #4 Review
This world has seen better days.

It can’t be perfect can it?

L’wit isn’t quite as strong as she’s been in previous issues and is mostly reactionary in this issue more than anything else. She’s upset and seemingly fleeing from everything, when so much time was spent building up her ability to go it alone. I suppose this is leading towards the characters bonding in some way, but it seems to stray from the characterization before.

The inclusion of the bounty hunter character is a bit clunky. He appears on the first page, then randomly later as if to remind us he exists. His purpose is limited to being said reminder in this issue.

Is It Good?

Another good issue, in part because Gamora is being fleshed out very well. Science fiction fans should pick this up for the cool ideas and awesome visuals.

Gamora #4 Review
Gamora #4
Is It Good?
The best character work Gamora has gotten in some time!
The art is great especially the tech
Some cool science fiction ideas in here
Great character work for Gamora
After the character work of L'wit in the last few issues she's reduced to an upset child here
The bounty hunter character is shoehorned into the issue seemingly so we won't forget he exists
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