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Harley Quinn #18 Review

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Harley Quinn #18 Review

We’re smack-dab in the middle of the “Red Meat” story arc, as Harley and company try to figure out just why and how the homeless are disappearing without a trace in the city. The only way to find out for sure: A good old fashioned reconnaissance mission.

Harley Quinn #18 Review
Harley Quinn #18
Writer: Jimmy Palmiotti, Amanda Conner
Artist: John Timms, Joseph Michael Linsner
Publisher: DC Comics

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The story kicks off with a few pages dedicated to Devani Kage, the woman in the distant future who is obsessed with killing Harley Quinn–as is the rest of society in the year 2167. We also check in with Harley Sinn, as she finds out more about what her assignment is. After the sort of left field story arc that preceded this one, getting back to the story seeds that have been planted for a while now is a welcome change of pace.

The main such plot point, of course, is the disappearance of homeless people all over the city. We find out how exactly that happened, and…it’s pretty gruesome. Or pretty goddamn metal, depending on your viewpoint. Harley, Red Tool and Eggy find out first hand what the plan was, which forms the basis for their adventure in this issue.

The artwork by John Timms is fantastic this issue. Some panels in this issue are pretty violent, and Timms depicts it quite nicely, aided by bright reds and other vibrant colors from colorists Alex Sinclair and Jeremiah Skipper. The panel layouts are done very well and help sell the brutality that’s going on. Fans of Harley wearing as little clothing as possible will be a little disappointed this time around (though our antagonist from the future is completely naked in a panel for…some reason), as there is not much room in this story for that. Alas.

Harley Quinn #18 Review

The backup continues the story from last time and includes an appearance from everybody’s favorite billionaire-turned-vigilante. Just like last time, the artwork is charming and retro, and the story as well employs an old school feel that makes it hard not to love.

Is It Good?

I found the previous arc dragged, but so far I am enjoying this one a lot more. Harley is in quite the pickle this time, and it should be a pleasure to see how she wriggles her way out of it. We also have two intriguing side plots that should be converging and exploding soon. Don’t sleep on this series!

Harley Quinn #18
Is it good?
Harley Quinn gets back on track with an intriguing story, and multiple sub plots that should be coming to a head soon.
Several previously dangling story threads are progressed
Pretty goddamn metal premise
Story flows nicely
Backup is good, classic fun
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