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Deadpool #32 Review

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Deadpool #32 Review

The last issue was perfect in so many ways we had to give it a 10/10. We don’t do that every day and we sure don’t do that two issues in a row. Dare us?

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Deadpool #32 Review
Deadpool #32
Writer: Gerry Duggan
Artist: Matteo Lolli
Publisher: Marvel Comics

So what’s it about?

Read our exclusive preview to find out more.

Why does this book matter?

Gerry Duggan has written possibly the most interesting tie-in for a major hero yet and it’s in part because he captures the voice of the character so well. Last issue had Cap play to Deadpool’s loyalty to do a very bad thing and that loyalty continues this issue. The thing is, Deadpool knows he should be doing the right thing, so now that he works for Hydra, how long can he stick with Cap?

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

I was blown away by this issue partly because Duggan segues into the issue so well–a quick nightmare reminds us what Deadpool did last issue–and how quickly we’re dropped into a post-Hydra world. Deadpool has his kid back and should be happy, but there’s unease about it all he can’t shake. That includes his daughter’s unhappiness with her new Hydra school and you know the one thing that’ll make Deadpool see reason is his daughter. As the issue progresses we get a taste of Deadpool’s new life hunting down heroes from the pre-Hydra days including a major altercation with Speedball. The issue has an emotional arc for Deadpool who comes to peace with what he must do next. It sets up what should be a fun and surprising issue #33.

Deadpool #32 Review
New world we’re living in.

The true joy of this issue is–not surprisingly–Duggan’s dialogue, which is hilarious. There’s a fantastic running joke involving Deadpool saying, “Hail Hydra” but messing up the “Hail” part. There are some showstopper zingers when he fights Speedball (including a reference to the drug and Stan Lee…wow) and an ever present internal monologue that’s not too over the top like some writers have done. Overall you get his voice clearly and it’s never wasting a word.

Matteo Lolli draws another great issue that reminds me of some of the best art Deadpool has had from the past. It’s the reserved nature of the style–it’s not doing too much and allowing the dialogue and sight gags to work, while conveying Deadpool’s emotions through his mask clearly. It’s pretty clear less is more when it comes to visualizing Deadpool and Lolli does this very well. That isn’t to say it’s boring–in fact, it’s clever in subtle choices like tilting a panel to create unease, or putting extra detail into a street of folks laying down after Deadpool rides his motorcycle through them.

It can’t be perfect can it?

It’s truly hard to find faults in this issue. I suppose some folks might want more resolution when it comes to Coulson or maybe more direct interaction with Cap, but it’s just a really well written comic.

Is It Good?

This is the must buy Secret Empire tie-in. It’s hilarious, well-crafted, and just damn good storytelling.

Deadpool #32
Is it good?
Two perfect issues in a row. Bazinga!
Excellently written, funny, and has an arc from beginning to end
Art is subtle in its genius
I could be frustrated Coulson's demise wasn't touched really

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