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Red Hood and the Outlaws #13 Review

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Red Hood and the Outlaws #13 Review

The defining issue of the series thus far.

This run of Red Hood and The Outlaws is comic book gold and has redefined these characters forever. There has never been a better version of these characters than the ones you see here. No page in this issue is wasted in any way. The dialogue is some the most powerful stuff you’ll see in comics today and it’ll make you feel like you were in this book with these characters and they spoke these wonderful words to you personally. This is the game changing issue and a story that you cannot miss out on, trust me.

The art really shined in this issue, even more than expected. There are so many beautiful choices that are completely different from each other. Bizarro has some moments where he explains his origin and what he dreams about and each sequence has its own impressive, unique style that fits the scenario. The story is still great and hasn’t lost my attention. I feel like Bizarro has never been more lovable. Something about this version really fits and I hope he never goes anywhere. I’d be perfectly happy with this being the last version we ever see of Bizarro.

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Red Hood and the Outlaws #13 Review

Lex Luthor being involved now complicates things for the Outlaws. Now that he’s nursing Bizarro back to health he believes that Bizarro is the property of Lex, so after Bizarro is healthy he may have to go back to Luthor. That being said, even though no one who reads comics trusts that Lex Luthor has really changed his ways and become a hero, in this issue he genuinely acts like it. Luthor does the unthinkable and operates on Bizarro in hopes that he doesn’t lose this Bizarro like he lost the last one who he became rather close to. Even Lex Luthor will have you pulled in and devoted this story and you can feel the connection that all of these characters have with Bizarro. He’s become the cartilage of the Outlaws and it’s become more than known in this issue.

Red Hood and the Outlaws #13 Review

Both Red Hood and Artemis tell their stories about how Bizarrro has changed them in a way and it’s some of the most moving writing I’ve seen in a long while. Jason mentions how he isn’t as close to Batman or his Robin brothers ever since he came back to the dead. He also mentions how he’s never truly had a friend after his resurrection until Bizarro. A similar story is given by Artemis and it’s really impacted the way I look at these characters. The way Bizarro tells his story about how when he woke up for the first time, the first person he saw, spoke to, and touched was Jason Todd. And the first words out of Jason Todd’s mouth to Bizarro was so touching it solidifies that Scott Lobdell is one of my favorite writers. It’s really hard to make someone really feel like those words on the page actually mean something and it impacts you like you wouldn’t believe, but he accomplishes it.

This is the defining issue of the series thus far. There have been a lot of great issues in the DC Universe since Rebirth, but I had no idea that Red Hood and The Outlaws would become one of the top three of all the DC titles right now. The writing and entire team behind these stories with the Outlaws are ahead of their time. This issue will affect you in the most positive way possible. Red Hood and The Outlaws reminds you why comic books are so important.

Red Hood and the Outlaws #13 Review
Red Hood and the Outlaws #13
Is it good?
Red Hood and The Outlaws reminds you why comic books are so important.
The flashbacks with Bizarro narrating and showing his story was comic book magic.
The story with the Outlaws and their relationship is the best team of not just the Outlaws but any team in the DC Universe. Their chemistry has grown far from just being partners because of circumstance.
This issue has a ton of great artistic styles that represent each part of the story. Such a great artistic choice.

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