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Green Arrow #29 Review

Green Arrow teams up with Batman. Nuff said!

Green Arrow continues his tour of America visiting hero after hero to take down the Ninth Circle as it infiltrates everywhere. This time it’s Batman who gets the team up action!

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So what’s it about?

The official summary reads:

“HARD-TRAVELING HERO” part four! Black Canary and Green Arrow’s missions converge in two cities at once! Canary’s in Seattle, where she’s hot on the trail of the Auctioneer, and Arrow’s in Gotham City, where Oliver Queen’s investigation into human trafficking among the city’s elite draws the attention of Bruce Wayne!

Why does this matter?

Benjamin Percy killed it on the last issue portraying Lex Luthor in an interesting light and he did it again before that with Wonder Woman. Chances are, with the help of superstar artist Juan Ferreyra he’ll do it again with Batman.

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

She has seen better days.

Boy are there some pretty pages in this book. Look at the blood puddle in the above page for instance which looks scary realistic. Then look at the image below, where we zoom in on the puddle and through its reflection witness a certain pointy eared hero looking down in disgust. There are numerous layouts in this issue that are pretty, cool looking, or just downright gorgeous. There’s one full page that has Green Arrow and Batman going at it with a fantastic panel below them screaming at each other that’s poster worthy. In another, Ferreyra has panels running on the left and right in a double page spread that act as the ground with a sewer shaft running between them. There are pages in this book that push your brain to think in a different way and it’s fun. I also get the sense Ferreyra is actively trying to get Batman work with this one because Bats looks pretty damn cool.

Percy writes another issue that continues to get Oliver that much closer to the Ninth Circle being toppled for good. A strong statement is made about how he’s just trying to stop them from repeating what they did to Seattle. Fair point Oliver. There’s also a nice bit between Batman and Oliver as they discuss their privileged backgrounds and how they’ve used it to fight the bad guys.

Awesome page.

It can’t be perfect can it?

This is a fun issue with Batman zipping away saving a damsel from an explosion, Batman punching thrown knives, and other dramatically cool visuals. Outside of this the story drags seemingly attempting to make a point about Oliver growing up rich (and at one point confusingly talking as if he still is rich) but never really going anywhere with it. There’s also a fight with a Ninth Circle flame spitting dude that seems more for show than purposeful. Did we really need a team up? Oliver comes away with new information thanks to Batman, but again, why Oliver needs Batman to tell him an obvious detail is beyond me. This is the first team up in this story arc that felt unnecessary though it’s fun nonetheless.

Is It Good?

A team up issue that exists more for the visual and fun than for story. I’ll take it regardless!

Green Arrow #29
Is it good?
Jaw droppingly good art makes this a pick up for Batman fans.
Truly gorgeous layouts and art throughout
Oliver's journey continues to progress...
...though this stop seems to be more about cool visuals than a necessary stop for new info

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