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Planetoid Praxis #6 Review

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Planetoid Praxis #6 Review

The final issue resolves a conflict, but does it end in a satisfying way?

Planetoid has been one of my favorite science fiction series ever since its first issue back in 2012. This latest sequel (or is it a spin-off?) is finishing up this week which makes us sad, but also excited to see how the story can wrap up the recent introduction of a corporation who wants to push the natives out.

So what’s it about?

The official summary reads:

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With a single act of violent defiance, life is forever changed for the people of the planetoid in this shocking series finale!

Why does this matter?

Ken Garing has integrated interesting social and economic elements into this series that allows it to reflect well on real life. This latest story has also added to the base he created, making for a complexity to the world that makes it even more interesting.

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

Planetoid Praxis #6 Review

This issue opens with the kids checking out the strange item the mysterious aliens who live on Planetoid gave them. Way to tease us, Garing! This element plays a part later in the story and ends up being a big question mark that will make you wish the series had a few more issues added to it. The ending is satisfying to a point, but has a good bookend feel that’ll get you thinking about where Garing may take this story in the future.

As far as the conflict with the corporation, things escalate greatly in this issue. I’ll say no more to avoid spoilers, but dang, does Garing use a bit of brutal violence to make a major statement. Much of this issue reads like an epilogue, with Garing taking big leaps in time to show what happens to our characters. It’s the kind of story choices that you only see in creator owned work which gives this issue a greater purpose and meaning.

Garing never loses sight of the goodness in the characters, which is a strong element of this issue. Babies serve as hope and a promise of a possible greater future. The issue ends on a positive because of this element, which allows the characters to say goodbye to readers on a hopeful note.

Planetoid Praxis #6 Review
So you bring tanks to a fight eh?

It can’t be perfect can it?

The issue progresses at a rather fast clip and seems to be in a rush to get on with elements Garing developed over the last five issues. The jumping forward in time is a nice element, but everything leading up to that–particularly with the resolution to the corporation intervention on the community–ends things in an unsatisfying way. I suppose the message of never having a chance against giant conglomerates is a strong one delivered here, but Garing seemed to be developing more to this part of the story that’s simply dropped. It also goes against the fighting nature of the heroes who basically roll over here.

Is It Good?

Ken Garing proves he’s a writer to watch, as he takes compelling storytelling chances that pay off in this final issue.

Planetoid Praxis #6 Review
Planetoid Praxis #6
Is it good?
A strong ending due to some interesting storytelling risks.
Solid art as always
Interesting jumps in time make the ending extra satisfying
It'll make you want more from this series!
The resolution with the corporation, while satisfying enough, does end things rather abruptly especially given the build up over the last five issues
What a big tease with those mysterious aliens from the last issue

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