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Deadpool Vs. Old Man Logan #1 Review

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Deadpool Vs. Old Man Logan #1 Review

What do you get when you cross a regenerative, cranky, old X-Man with a regenerative, wacky, Wade Wilson? DEADPOOL Vs. OLD MAN LOGAN!

Deadpool and Old Man Logan are always fan favorites, myself included. Add in the success of their live action movies and you have to think whatever they appear in will be sure to sell, right? Marvel sure hopes so with their new title, Deadpool Vs. Old Man Logan. If you are a longtime comic reader, you know that Wolverine and Deadpool have crossed paths on more than a few occasions and even formed an awkward friendship right before Wolverine’s death. However, Old Man Logan has never shown the same kindness towards Deadpool — he doesn’t like him. So I am anticipating a fun story with two of Marvel’s heavy hitters; let’s see how it measures up.

Dave, did you get the first issues blues?

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Thankfully, no. I didn’t get the first issue blues with Deadpool vs Old Man Logan #1. I have been reading comics long enough that I sometimes dread team-up books like this because the writer tries to excessively establish who the heroes are and feed into their background. I don’t always need that and I certainly don’t always want it. Writer Declan Shalvey does a terrific job diving right into the story and throwing the reader in the middle of the action.

Deadpool Vs. Old Man Logan #1 Review

Shalvey treats us immediately to a comedic opening that had me questioning what the hell Deadpool and Logan did to have someone drop multiple heavy vehicles on top of them, including a jumbo jet. Yup, you read that right, someone dropped a jumbo jet on our heroes.

From there, we are taken back a couple days prior to the jet dropping. A group of punk kids are being disruptive on a train, even knocking a book out of an elderly lady’s hand. Deadpool just happens to be sitting beside her reading “Fake News”, one of the many funny moments in the book. And wouldn’t you know Wade offers to take care of the thugs for a fee. This task is an easy one for Deadpool and as he literally tosses the gang off the subway. Soon enough, Old Man Logan bumps into him, causing Wade to lose out on the hard earned $25 he was going to get from Grandma. Have you no shame, Wilson?!

Deadpool Vs. Old Man Logan #1 Review

You have my attention, go on…

Deadpool isn’t happy about losing out on his small bounty and wants to have a conversation with Logan about it. You know as well as I do, Logan doesn’t want to hear any of Deadpool’s ramblings over $25. Logan is on the trail of a high-powered mutant, who also happens to have some government troops closing in her as well. During Wade and Logan’s fighting and bickering, they find themselves in front of the young girl. Wade, not aware of the mutant’s identity or what she is capable of is determined to help her before Logan. And things just go straight to hell from there…

But Dave! Is it good?

Yes, it is awesome! Deadpool vs Old Man Logan #1 is a fantastic start to what I am sure will continue to evolve into an action packed, fun filled adventure. I like how Shalvey opens the book with some laughs, sets the tone and shows what we can expect going forward. The choice to start out on a lighter side is refreshing. We all know that Deadpool and Logan are going to kick some ass, that’s a given. But it isn’t necessary from the start and Shalvey proves this.

Mike Henderson and Lee Loughridge are the duo in charge of bringing Shalvey’s script to life. From the cartoonish way Wade runs to the grimace on Logan’s face, Henderson does a great job detailing the characters as well as choreographing the fights and creating the world around them. Loughridge compliments the artwork with his excellent choice of colors.

If you are a fan of these characters, more than likely Deadpool Vs. Old Man Logan is already on your pull list. But if it isn’t and you are on the fence, I am here to tell you run out and pick up this book! The action is rowdy and the comedy is actually humorous and will bring a smile to your face. It’s a fun book and I am looking forward to what this creative team has up their sleeve for the next issue.

Deadpool Vs. Old Man Logan #1 Review
Deadpool Vs. Old Man Logan #1 Review
Is it good?
Fun, action packed first issue
A new mutant??? Who is this mysterious girl?
Deadpool and Old Man Logan, I really don't need to say much more
Found it awkward that Deadpool drew his swords right away on Logan
Didn't those punk kids realize they were getting into it with Deadpool?

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