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Action Comics #994 Review

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Action Comics #994 Review

‘Booster Shot’ part 2 kicks off this week!

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Superman is testing his resolve this week as he discovers a Krypton that was never destroyed. What could have been for this character if he continued to grow up on Krypton, how would his advanced race have thrived, and what about Lois and Jon?

So what’s it about?

The official summary reads:

“BOOSTER SHOT” part two! It’s the time-hopping team-up of Superman and Booster Gold–and on their quest to verify Mr. Oz’s identity, a mysterious force attempts to sabotage the journey! This time (pun!) our heroes wind up in the crosshairs of a deadly new villain–the time wraith responsible for their tumultuous journey!

Why does this matter?

Dan Jurgens is writing this final arc before issue #1,000 drops so expect the story to have ramifications with that historic issue. He’s also penciling this arc with finished ink art help by Art Thibert, Trevor Scott, Johnny Desjardins and Joe Prado. Booster Gold is also a major player in the series so if you dig that character you have to read this.

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

Action Comics #994 Review
Time to shoot lasers!

This issue plays up Superman’s almost obsessive desire to confirm Mr. Oz was in fact his father, but as the issue progresses it appears the promise of seeing how his culture has thrived is becoming a new focus. Booster Gold knows playing with the timestream is a dangerous thing and Jurgens explains the conundrum well. This isn’t a normal time jump, but some kind of alternate dimension adventure. In possibly the most powerful scene of the issue, Superman is shown a possible future where he and Lara become leaders in their culture and a sister never born is revealed too. Talk about a life altering vision! Jurgens appears to be pushing Superman down an emotional road which may even put into question his dedication to Jon and Lois.

Speaking of Lois, Jurgens unveils a bit more about her father and the adventure she’s going on with Jon. It’s not quite clear how this story will progress, but it’s nice to see her family being pulled into the story too.

Booster continues to be a fun character who I’ve never really read or been interested in. Given the social media craze of today, he’s the perfect hero to exploit the constant desire to share one’s exploits. He’s a little less of a focus in this issue but continues to serve as the stories core hero. Speaking of which…

Action Comics #994 Review
Get over yourself Superman.

It can’t be perfect can it?

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It’s very odd to see Superman so obsessed and shortsighted about seeking his father on Krypton. Often in past stories Superman has had his emotions in check, or at least been the smartest man in the room. Not so here, which may put a sour taste in peoples’ mouths. The hero has always been way too powerful and perfect so it’s nice to see Jurgens play up the characters blindness to how he could be destroying the timestream via his emotions, but it seems way off from what the character is about. Booster Gold is basically shouting at him this entire issue to get back to his time and it’s not only shortsighted of Superman, but at times unheroic. He even whines a bit, saying at one point, “I don’t run” and in another instance, “I don’t need saving.” It’s very odd to see one of the greatest heroes have such flaws out of the blue.

Is It Good?

This story arc continues to be a fun adventure that explores the could-have-been of Krypton. It’s also planting seeds that could stick with Superman for the future making it all the more important and pertinent. It is however souring Superman’s all-good persona, but you’ll still want to see how it plays out.

Action Comics #994 Review
Action Comics #994
Is it good?
This latest story arc is very intriguing though it does oddly force Superman to come off as arrogant and selfish.
Interesting to see possible futures and how it might affect Superman
Solid art from Jurgens and his inking team
Booster Gold continues to be a strong character in this one
There's a bit of character assassination going on here with Superman being selfish and narrow minded

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