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Crashing S2 E4: "Porter Got HBO" recap and review


Crashing S2 E4: “Porter Got HBO” recap and review

Pete tries to be supportive when a fellow comic at The Boston gets his big break; Pete reconnects with Jess, who encourages him to find a healthy way to express himself.

Episode 4 begins with Pete back in his bed in Lief’s garage. He’s having trouble sleeping, hears Lief having sex, and ends up masturbating to it. He goes upstairs to chat with Lief the next morning and compliment him on his sexual prowess, only to find out a few minutes later that the girl he heard up there (and masturbated to the sounds of) was Jess. Yikes. Lief and Jess have been engaging in a friends with benefits type deal. Pete and Jess talk and she expresses that she’d like to spend some time with him as friends if Pete wants to and feels comfortable with it.

When Pete gets to The Boston later that day, the other comics tell him that Porter (Henry Zebrowski) was hand picked by Whitney Cummings to be on her HBO show. All of the comics including Pete are annoyed that Porter is getting his big break. The second he walks in, they all change their tune and are congratulatory. Porter calls them all out for being jealous of him instead of happy for him, and tells them none of them can come to the taping except Pete, because he knows Pete’s a good guy who is genuinely happy for him (oh really?).

Pete and Jess get lunch and catch up about life. She tells him she’s been going to therapy and that her therapist told her to start yelling in subway stations as the trains go by. Pete finds that crazy but she says it’s great. It starts pouring out of the blue and they have to go dry themselves off in a bathroom. Then they decide to go watch TV in Pete’s garage home. The power goes off, Pete starts talking about he’s proud how Jess and him are progressing as friends, and then he tries to kiss her. Facepalm. He tries to convince her they can have a friends with benefit type relationship like her and Lief and that he’s changed, but she wants nothing to do with that. Awkward…

Pete goes to Porter’s taping. He hangs backstage with him and a couple of the other comics. Porter is nervous and having a bit of a breakdown backstage. He decides to trim his beard and it keeps looking worse and worse, until he ends up just shaving the whole thing off. He blames Pete for leading him down the path of shaving his beard off. Pete tells him it should be about the jokes and that nobody will care about the beard. Porter takes this an attack on his comedy skills and Pete lets it slip that he doesn’t love his material.

Porter ends up going on stage and starts riffing about the beard. He uses his argument with Pete as fuel up there. He crushes his set and the crowd loves him. He thanks Pete after, telling him he had to go out there and prove to himself that he was funny and that Pete was an asshole for saying otherwise.

Pete gets a chance to talk to Whitney Cummings after the show briefly, and when he asks why Porter, she says she thinks certain comedians just have a star quality. Pete leaves discouraged, and he ends up screaming in the subway station as a train flies by. End credits.

This episode had some good development for Pete, but it wasn’t as great as the past few episodes. The Jess parts, while necessary to touch back on, weren’t necessarily exciting because Pete needs to leave her behind at this point. Not a bad episode by any means, but not on par with the first three of the season. Here’s to hoping next week returns to form!

Crashing S2 E4: "Porter Got HBO" recap and review
Crashing S2 E4: "Porter Got HBO"
Is it good?
This episode progresses Pete's story and has a handful of laughs, but it isn't quite as fun and entertaining as the last few episodes.
Pete's character arc continues to develop
Some great laughs
Too much Jess
No Artie and not enough Lief
Not as entertaining as the past few episodes

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