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Marvel Two-In-One #3 Review

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Marvel Two-In-One #3 Review

Thing and Human Torch attempt to figure out how to fix Johnny’s diminishing powers.

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Many are reading Marvel Two-In-One simply to see if the Fantastic Four make their triumphant return. Others are murmuring how weird it is this series only has one story, but I digress, Chip Zdarsky is killing it with this series. Great dialogue, interesting plotting that keeps you on your toes, and a promise for some hope for our now Fantastic Two.

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So what’s it about?

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Why does this matter?

This issue starts to open up the number of characters in the story and also adds new artist Valerio Schiti, who did impressive work on Guardians of the Galaxy. To add to this a major revelation occurs involving Thing and Human Torch’s powers. Ain’t that enough to get your goat?!

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

Marvel Two-In-One #3 Review
I like how Doom says his name so we know who he is.

This issue opens with the Mad Thinker, who looks like he’s had one too many late nights at the raves. He’s tweaking out due to the lack of a Mr. Fantastic to test his might. Enter Doom, who is properly disgusted with this villain and you have yourself a party. As this plot progresses Zdarsky has Thing and Human Torch attempt to fix Johnny’s powers which are in decline. This requires the help of Hercules who adds a proper amount of comedic gusto to the story. This leads them down an interesting path involving a character who can restore powers and quite possibly might be as smart as Mr. Fantastic (more or less…probably less).

It’s quite clear the heavy lifting of this issue is setting up the scientist character who gets the most time to chew up the scenery. Zdarsky is basically setting in motion a new thrust for the story while establishing some ground rules for our heroes and the Mad Thinker. What he has set up here basically allows for a rollicking good adventure while exploring some of the “science” in Marvel Comics. We also get some choice scenes between Thing and Human Torch (they love to hate each other) and a chance for Hercules to remind us why he’s one of the more annoying heroes in the Marvel universe.

Schiti’s art is quite good and seems to be improving and changing all the time. Frank Martin colors with letters by Joe Caramagna and all together this team adds a lot of depth and detail to each panel and page. The acting is on point no matter who is the focus and the environments tend to be clear and help make following action and movement easy to follow. There’s a nice hashmark texture added to some scenes which tend to be devoid of backgrounds, but it helps lift the characters up off the page.

Marvel Two-In-One #3 Review
Can anyone make out what is on Thing’s shirt?

It can’t be perfect can it?

This is one of those table setting issues that takes one step back so as to take two steps forward next issue. Zdarsky is establishing characters and new directions with somewhat meaningless battles taking place to fill the issue with some action. There is certainly a plethora of fun character moments and key details imparted to the reader, but it’s also an issue that pushes the plot very slowly ahead. It leaves you wanting more.

Is It Good?

A good issue that continues the trend of great character writing, dialogue, and fun moments. It does however set up more than anything, which can leave you wanting more.

Marvel Two-In-One #3 Review
Marvel Two-In-One #3
Is it good?
There really is no faults to the issue itself, but as a whole it's more running in place to set things up than anything else.
sets up a new character well while giving our heroes plenty of time to show off their character
Doom and Mad Thinker have a solid scene together
Art keeps the detail high!
A table setting issue that does more to set up things than blow you away

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