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Damage #2 Review

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Damage #2 Review

The New Age of Heroes continues in a smash-mouth battle with the Suicide Squad!

Damage #1 was an interesting first thrust into the DC “New Age of Heroes,” delivering something a little bit different for DC. Many have compared it to Marvel’s Hulk, but it has unique features to set it apart. It’s also a visuals first sort of series so if you like big splash pages this series is for you.

So what’s it about?

The official summary reads:

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Damage can smash his way through a warzone, but can he smash his way through the Suicide Squad? Colonel Jonas takes on Amanda Waller in a race to see who can get to Damage first. And while Waller sends Harley Quinn, Deadshot, Parasite and Giganta to capture Damage by any means necessary, Colonel Jonas has her own wicked plan in play…

Why does this matter?

It’s the first series to spearhead a new generation of heroes so it’s a pretty big deal for the history of DC. It’s also Tony S. Daniel at his finest. Oh, and if you’re a Suicide Squad fan you gotta read this. They show up and the team makeup is way different.

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

This issue opens up the characterization of the man within Damage while also revealing how the monster and the man can communicate with each other. It reminds one of Etrigan the Demon and his relationship with Jason Blood. They are different however as there seems to be a bit of a camaraderie. The human inside Damage may not like the situation, but he’s making the best of it. Robert Venditti reveals more about his personal life, like those he loves and their situation, which helps humanize the character.

Suicide Squad fans should get a real kick out of this issue too. The team makeup is way different (Parasite is a member now!) and it’s fun to see how bad this team is against Damage. It’s also pretty gruesome as Daniel and Venditti don’t hold back on the violence and gore. That makes the book feel a bit more adult.

Daniel continues to do excellent work. The Damage design continues to look pretty damn cool–although I’m not a huge fan of the face–and it gets shown off quite a bit in this issue. Faces tend to have a clean and easy to read look throughout the book and the human inside Damage is easy to empathize with due to this.

Damage #2 Review
The clock is ticking.

It can’t be perfect can it?

There seems to be a decompressed approach to the storytelling which is starting to get a bit annoying. There are clearly some big mysteries as far as how this monster was created and instead we get slight fragments that something big is behind all this. It doesn’t help we get a cliched military leader we’ve seen a thousand times before (tight lipped and ready to do whatever it takes). It’s being sold as a blockbuster style comic though, one that’s all about punching you in the face visually, so it’s not much of a surprise.

Is It Good?

Gear up for a battle between the Suicide Squad and Damage in this slow reveal build up towards a third issue you won’t want to miss.

Damage #2
Is it good?
Another good installment, but it makes you want more.
The art is solid and it's appreciated when things get a little gory
We get a better sense of how the human and monster communicate
This new Suicide Squad is fun to watch (and fail!)
Decompressed story makes you want more
The military character that is chasing Damage is, so far, run of the mill

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