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Unboxing/Review: Loot Crate February 2018


Unboxing/Review: Loot Crate February 2018

I hate winter, but I love Loot Crates.

Happy belated Valentine’s Day everyone! The freezing, soul-crushing month of February and its silly, made-up holiday are almost over. So of course to celebrate, we’ve got a new Loot Crate unboxing for you. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Loot Crate, it’s a subscription service made for the nerds of the world. Once a month you’re shipped a box with a t-shirt and handful of other collectibles, with themes ranging from video games to television, film and comics. Shipping woes aside, the bang is typically very much worth the buck. For the price of a t-shirt you’ll get a box of goodies that come in all sorts of themes and gimmicks. Alright, enough chatter. Let’s dig in.

This month’s Loot Crate had really big shoes to fill after last month’s epic pile of goodies. So how’d it do? I give it a solid “meh” with a touch of “cool” drizzled in. There were several things I really enjoyed, so let’s start there before I bring down the hammer of my displeasure.

Black Panther. Have you seen this movie yet? No? Okay, stop reading the review and go buy your tickets before you progress any further. You can thank me later. Cool. So anyway, I’m now the proud owner of a Black Panther t-shirt with a really dope design. I plan on wearing it to this weekend’s showing. The shirt alone was worth the cost of the entire Loot Crate. I’m a bit of a fan if my subtle hints were missed.

I love me some Fallout 4. And by love, I mean I have a mild problem with Bethesda games, in that they consume my life every time a new one is released. Fallout 4 was no different — I logged an absurd amount of hours with this game and built one of the best bases in all the land. Thus I was thrilled to get a Fallout 4 print that depicts an iconic location from the game. The downside is the paper is incredibly cheap and will suffer wear and tear quite easily, unless you’re quick to secure it within a frame.

If you live on your own you know how vital coasters are to preserving your stuff. Pacific Rim was entertaining, and I’m sure the sequel will be too. I don’t care enough about this film to see it in theaters, but I was happy to get some Pacific Rim themed coasters, even if they do feel rather flimsy.

I don’t want to drone on and on about my distaste for The Expanse replica I received, so you’re better off watching the video for my thoughts. It will save you from experiencing a wall of text.

Overall this Loot Crate wasn’t great, but it wasn’t particularly bad either. It was slightly better than average, but that’s mainly thanks to Loot Crate being socially aware enough to hook up fans with some Black Panther gear. There’s a real lack of quality here, with one item being trash out of the box and two others being flimsy and vulnerable to wear and tear. I was also confused by the decision to include a replica that’s rated 17+ in the same box with a How to Train Your Dragon pin. I don’t understand what the theme or target audience of this box was. Also I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention how much I enjoy the How to Train Your Dragon franchise. It rules.

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Is it good?
Black Panther shirt rules. Wakanda forever.
How to Train Your Dragon pin is well made and nice to look at.
Fallout 4 print is nice to look at and informs you of a Loot Crate I never knew existed.
The Expanse replica arrived broken and looked like a four year old put it together.
Coasters and Print both feel very flimsy and cheap.
17+ rated collectible in a box with a Dreamworks animated film collectible? What's the theme?

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