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Twelfth Scale Supreme Action Figure: T-800 from T2: Judgement Day (Update)


Twelfth Scale Supreme Action Figure: T-800 from T2: Judgement Day (Update)

Take a look at the upcoming Twelfth Scale Supreme Action Figure T-800 from Great Twins

We love when we get new press releases. Especially when it is from up and coming companies! Today we got the press release for Great Twins’ Twelfth Scale Supreme Action Figure T-800 from Terminator 2: Judgement Day. This is Great Twins first collector level action figure and the T-800 is an incredible looking figure. This is surely a sign of great things to come from Great Twins. Check out the press release and some pictures below. Sound off in the comments and let us know what you think of the T-800. The figure is slated to be up for pre-order this week and I will update this article with the link as soon as I get it. The action figure is priced at $115.00

Great Twins Announces its

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Twelfth Scale Supreme Action Figure (Terminator 2: Judgement Day – T-800)

“Come with me if … you want to collect awesomeness!” ~ Twelfth Scale Supreme Action Figure


In the first 1984 film, the Terminator designated “T-800” time-travelled from the future back into the past to kill “Sarah Connor”. In 1991’s sequel, the roles were reversed with a new “T-800” this time sent back in time to protect Sarah Connor’s son, “John Connor” (who is the leader of the human resistance in the future), from being killed by the more advanced “T-1000”. 

Both “T-800” Terminators were played by actor Arnold Schwarzenegger, a fictional character who have since entered the pop culture consciousness.  

One of his more iconic spoken lines in the film was “I’ll be back“, and 27 years later, indeed the T-800 has returned, but this time as a premium articulated collectible figure, ready for “action” in the palm of your hands!

“Twelfth Scale Supreme Action Figure” presents the 1/12th scale collectible action figure of “T-800” from “Terminator 2: Judgement Day”!

The hyper-realistic collectible figure features a head sculpt with a hand painted likeness of actor Arnold Schwarzenegger in his appearance as “T-800”, mounted atop a magnetic neck which enables flexible rotation for the head, for optimum poseability.

The Action body features over 25 Points of Articulation, and is clad in his iconic black PU leather jacket and pants ensemble, and not forgetting his (removable) sunglasses, to complete that cool-“Infiltrator-Unit-killer-robot”-look! 

An amazing array of accessories include a Mini Gun, Grenade Launcher, Shotgun and Pistol, complete with a removable Grenade Launcher ammo bandolier and Mini Gun black ammo bag provides maximum play, and that the T-800 is ready to do battle at Cyberdyne building to destroy Skynet!

A figure stand with name tag completes the set – ensuring stability on your display shelf, and a pride amongst your collection.

Filmmaker James Cameron is currently preparing to produce the reboot of the Terminator franchise, with the story continuing from T2, targeted for a 2019 release. Expect a renewed interest for the T-800, as actor Arnold Schwarzenegger is returning to reprise his role as the “Terminator” we all love!

Scheduled for a November 2018 release, check in now with Great Twins for wholesale or distribution availability.

Product Details


  • Approximately 16cm in height
  • One (1) Action body with over 25 points of articulation
  • One (1) Detailed head sculpture featuring hand painted likeness of Arnold Schwarzenegger in his appearance as T-800 in “Terminator 2: Judgement Day”
  • Magnetic neck to enable flexible rotation for the head
  • One (1) pair of removable sunglasses
  • Three (3) pairs of interchangeable hands
  • One (1) set of highly detailed black PU leather jacket and pants with belt
  • One (1) Grey T-shirt
  • One (1) pair of black PU leather boots
  • One (1) Mini Gun black ammo bag
  • One (1) Mini Gun
  • One (1) Grenade Launcher
  • One (1) Removable Grenade Launcher ammo bandolier
  • One (1) Shotgun
  • One (1) Pistol
  • One (1) Figure Stand



About Great Twins

Great Twins is a design, production and distribution company for collectible toys and high-end premium merchandise. We also serve as a consultant in building ideas from scratch to a unique finished product.

Made up of a dynamic team of creative and adventurous souls, featuring a diverse talent pool from various fields of expertise, we conceptualize, manufacture and distribute authentic high-quality collectible/designer toys (including vinyl figures, action figures, poly-resin/fiberglass statues, plush toys, etc.) and unique premium designer lifestyle merchandise.

We aim to take the lead internationally for the genre of products we design and produce.

With our global network of retailers, we have a toy and merchandise distribution arm that helps potential brand market, wholesale and distribution of products. Bringing the best product to our customers is our utmost priority.

From transforming raw ideas into great products, starting from concept development through various stages of processing, production, packaging, and distribution of final products, Great Twins is the ideal place to help clients (government organizations, corporations or private individuals) make their collectibles and toy-dreams become reality.


About Twelfth Scale Supreme Action Figure

“Twelfth Scale Supreme Action Figure” specializes in collectible action figures in fabric tailored clothing, and related accessories, sized in 1/12th scale (approx. 6 inches tall).

From feature films to anime, from pop culture to classic icons, “Twelfth Scale Supreme Action Figure” showcases influences and ideas from the East to the West, featuring characterisation across all media licenses and genres. The size and scale is “one-twelfth”, but the genre represented is infinite.

Your beloved characters will manifest in the palm of your hands as a premium articulated collectible.

Without losing the minutiae and luxuries one looks for in the current landscape of the collecting hobby, Twelfth Scale Supreme Action Figures will bring you the details and precision of the One-Sixth scaled hobby, into the One-Twelfth scale.

With a professional team specialising in producing hyper-real anatomical likeness, from stylized representations to dynamic-realism, from production to manufacturing – Twelfth Scale Supreme Action Figures will delight and excite collectors with premium quality figures and accessories, comparable to the heightened expected standard of 1/6th, and beyond.

“Twelfth Scale Supreme Action Figures” aims to be the leading brand in the 1/12th-scale hobby. It is time to collect your Supreme-scaled dreams!

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