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E3 2018: Grading the AiPT! Staff Predictions
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E3 2018: Grading the AiPT! Staff Predictions

How’d AiPT do with our E3 Predictions? Connor grades us all, and lays out the true stars of the show

E3 2018 is behind us and what a year it was! There may not have been any groundbreaking surprises like in year’s past, but there were tons of gameplay reveals and trailer debuts that paint a very, very bright future for gamers ahead.

With the convention about a week behind us and no more lingering news trickling out of the show floor, now seems like the perfect time to revisit our staff predictions and see how we did!

Patrick Hellen, Gaming Editor

Likely Prediction: Halo 6, another Gears of War, and some new Zelda (think Majora’s Mask) gets announced, while Sony announces FF7 remake episode 1 timing.

Questionable Prediction: The Witcher 1 Remastered, using The Witcher 3 engine announced (Oh sweet jesus, I wish).

Downright Ridiculous Prediction: Xbox Two X announced.

Final Grade: C 

Our faithful gaming leader knocked it out of the park in his “Likely Predictions,” correctly forecasting Halo and Gears of War announcements, that makes him two for four in “Likely Predictions” which means he’s batting .500 which would make him a first ballot Hall of Famer in basbeball. He gets a C, however, because he was way off with his “Questionable” and “Downright Ridiculous” predictions. Shoot for the stars Hellen that way if you miss you still end up in the 70th percentile. (editor’s note – STILL PASSING, BABY!)

Connor Christiansen, Contributor and 5 in 5 Host

Likely Prediction: Sony plays it safe with a huge focus on The Last of Us Part 2, which will easily win best in show and be the talk of the convention. It’s been nearly five years since the first game, I am ready to cry while holding a controller again.

Questionable Prediction: Superhero games will be a surprise theme throughout the convention. WB Games will announce a new DC Superhero game: a Rocksteady developed Robin title focusing on Damian Wayne (just please, please, please don’t do a Superman game, nobody is over the last one) and Square Enix will unveil their new Avengers game at Sony’s presser. Meanwhile, Telltale will unveil a surprise superhero license they’ve been working on.

Downright Ridiculous Prediction: Bethesda and Samsung will announce an exclusive partnership to bring Skyrim to all Samsung home appliances. Can’t wait to slay dragons on my fridge!

Final Grade: B-

I played to what I knows best- fanboying over The Last of Us– and it paid off as Sony showed off 10 glorious minutes of The Last of Us Part 2 gameplay and it kind of was the talk of the convention. I even (somehow) correctly called Bethesda bringing Skyrim to home appliances (yeah, yeah Bethesda was joking, but it still counts!). Why a B-, you say? Well, you may have noticed that aside from a joke spewing wall crawler, superheroes were completely absent from this year’s convention, making me look less like a clairvoyant and more like comic book guy from The Simpsons. (editor’s note – He also graded these himself, so shocker he beats out the incredibly smart gaming editor. I CALL FOUL GOOD SIR. FOUL!)

Nathaniel Muir, Contributor

Likely Prediction: Death Stranding will continue to look great while no one will have a clue what it is about.

Questionable Prediction: Fallout 76 is the smaller of the two games that will be announced by Bethesda.

Downright Ridiculous Prediction: Microsoft will have the best presentation. I am a Sony fanboy, but it would be great for the consumer.

Final Grade: A

Can somebody check to make sure Nathaniel doesn’t actually work for ESA or any of the companies attending E3? Because he was spot on with his prediction. Death Stranding looks simultaneously gorgeous while confusing as all hell, Elder Scrolls VI outshined Fallout 76 despite no gameplay being shown, and Microsoft really had the best presentation with the debut of Cyberpunk 2077Halo Infinite, and Gears 5. Nathan, can I borrow you for a weekend in Vegas?

Jason Segurra, Contributor and AiPT! Podcast Host

Likely Prediction: Kingdom Hearts 3 will get a showcase presentation but no firm release date.

Questionable Prediction: Square Enix will prove that the Final Fantasy 7 remake is in a good place and not scrapped for parts like so many claim.

Downright Ridiculous Prediction: Days Gone will look like more than a lesser version of The Last of Us.

Final GradeD

It was a rough go for Jason during E3 this year. Square Enix ended up actually revealing Kingdom Hearts 3‘s release date (gasp! only seven months away!) and Final Fantasy 7 was a no show (although developers have since said it is moving along nicely). Jason staves off full blown failure by nailing his “Ridiculous” prediction- Days Gone is actually coming into it’s own and just might be more than a The Last of Us clone. Might.

Brian Clements, Contributor

Likely Prediction: Fallout 76 is not going to suck.

Questionable Prediction: Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey will be a playing of the actual Odyssey and your character will be on Odysseus’ ship.

Downright Ridiculous Prediction: Half-Life 3 announcement!

Final Grade: D+

Brian gets a plus because I so wanted all of his predictions to come true, but he was sadly one for three. Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey looks like another fine entry in the series, but let’s be honest, a reimagining of the classic Greek tale in an Assassin’s Creed context would be amazing. And a Half-Life 3 announcement would’ve been so rad it would cause rioting. Guess you’ll just have to hang your hat on Fallout 76, Brian- it will, indeed, not suck,


Trevor Richardson, Contributor

Likely Prediction: Sony will announce some kind of remaster in style of this year’s Shadow of the Colossus.

Questionable Prediction: The new Super Smash Bros. will be showcased with a “game as service” model where characters and stages will be added for free, but cosmetics will cost in game currency and/or real money.

Downright Ridiculous Prediction: Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door or any GameCube game coming to Switch in any way shape or form. Nintendo please prove me wrong, I’m already marinating my hat.

Final Grade: D

Trevor and Jason tie for the roughest E3 predictions, but like Jason at least Trevor didn’t go 0-3. He was right in predicting a Sony remaster with the debut of Resident Evil 2 footage. Sadly, Nintendo kind of dropped the ball by not announcing ANY Gamecube remasters for the Switch. Thankfully, he was wrong about Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, which was the focus of the entire Nintendo presser and made no mention of micro-transactions. Phew, crisis averted, Nintendo.

What did you think of E3? Was it everything you wanted it to be? Or did you feel it was lacking? Let us know in the comments below!


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