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The Promised Neverland Recap - Chapter 94


The Promised Neverland Recap – Chapter 94

With Leuvis defeated, our heroes plan their next moves.

Welcome to AiPT’s weekly The Promised Neverland recap column. As new chapters are released, I’ll be sharing my reactions to the series’s latest twists and turns. From bloodthirsty demons to elaborate battle strategies, writer Kaiu Shirai and artist Posuka Demizu always have something compelling up their sleeves. Be warned, though, that in order to elaborate on my thoughts I will be including SPOILERS.

This chapter picks up shortly before where last week’s left off, with the dramatic defeat of Leuvis. After numerous casulaties and failed strategies, Emma and her allies finally manage to take down the strongest demon at Goldy Pond. Leuvis’s final moments are fantastic, as Demizu delivers a two-page spread of the hunt’s conclusion that manages to make bullets look beautiful. Leuvis smiles as he dies, happy to have found targets capable of standing up to him. It’s a fitting end to one of the series’s greatest villains, and it comes just in time. With Leuvis out of the way, the heroes can set their sights on the next tasks at hand.

The Promised Neverland Recap - Chapter 94

Even after defeating one of their deadliest foes, the protagonists don’t have time to take it easy.

Unfortunately, things are complicated by the group’s injuries. Emma desperately needs medical care that isn’t available at Goldy Pond. She’ll need to be hurried back to the Nameless Geezer’s bunker for treatment, but the party is too large and fatigued to lead over quickly enough to save Emma’s life. Someone’s going to have to stay behind–and with an unknown number of demons still attending to Lord Bayon’s estate, whoever does is in mortal peril. No matter what decisions they make, the heroes are risking death on all fronts. It’s this sort of tension that gives the series its trademark edge. The only thing I expect from upcoming chapters is the unexpected, and I’m looking forward to seeing how things unfold.

Speaking of the unexpected, we get a brief glimpse at several of Leuvis’s memories before he dies. There’s a beautifully rendered page consisting of glass shards adorned by images of the past, and they hint at connections to previously established characters and concepts. For example, both Musica and Sung-Joo are present in Leuvis’s flashbacks. Though those two helped the Grace Field House kids escape, it’s been revealed that they’re far from sympathetic to humans’ plights. Their potential past relationship with Leuvis just makes them even less trustworthy, and I’m excited to see them again whenever they get brought back into the fold.

The Promised Neverland Recap - Chapter 94

Here’s hoping more details about these memories will come to light by the series’s end.

This is mostly a transitional chapter, and that’s a good thing. The Goldy Pond arc dragged on a bit too long, so it’s nice to finally get hints that the plot is moving in new directions. My main concern going forward is how well the new characters introduced in this latest arc will be integrated into the main cast. Outside of Lucas and Adam, none of them are particularly distinct from the others, but hopefully that will change with an increase in page-time and a shift in circumstances. I’m very interested to see how Lucas’s presence will change the Nameless Geezer’s demeanor and actions. The two of them have a very touching reunion in this chapter, and it seems like their renewed friendship could help the Geezer open up more and become less hostile toward the other human characters.

That’s all for this chapter! Stay tuned for more recaps as The Promised Neverland updates every week. If you’re interested in reading more of our thoughts about the series, check out our column from last week, as well as our review of the latest collected volume. Also, feel free to share your own thoughts about this chapter in the comment space below!

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