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Play this year's Summer Games in style.


Ana, D.Va, Winston and Reinhardt receive new legendary skins to celebrate Overwatch’s Summer Games

Play this year’s Summer Games in style.

The Overwatch Summer Games are almost here and Blizzard’s hype train is full speed ahead.

That’s right folks, the Summer Games are back for the third year in a row and will commence on August 9. With the games comes the fan favorite special game mode, Lucioball, and there’s a brand new map to play on in Busan, South Korea.

Blizzard took it one step further with Lucioball this year and announced the Tespa Arcade Lucioball tournament for college students. The tournament is 3v3 and pits the best Lucioball college-going players from around North America against one another .

Now if all that wasn’t exciting enough for you, Blizzard has announced four new legendary skins for Ana, D.Va, Winston and Reinhardt.

Waveracer D.Va continues her streak as arguably the cutest Overwatch character in the game and her mech looks awesome as a jetski hybrid. There’s a blue floral pattern decorating the white, pink and blue mech that make one think of the lily leis in Hawaii. D.Va herself is wearing heart shaped glasses, a life jacket and rocks a flower in her hair.

Nailed it again Blizzard. This is exactly how I picture the old gal at the beach; big hat on her head, stylish shades and a comfy robe to finish it off. Ana looks like she’s ready to relax under an umbrella and yell at noisy kids.

This skin made me laugh out loud immediately on seeing it. The Oakleys Winston’s rocking are something I picture with every baseball player — that and sitting in a field chewing bubble gum. The catchers outfit, with baseball in the chest pad and rocket boosters, looks fantastic.

Reinhardt’s skin is absolutely perfect for him, so much so that I’m surprised it wasn’t a thing until now. The gigantic German tank is the quintessential offensive lineman. Who better to protect your quarterback than this guy? The football equipment looks completely natural on him.

If Blizzard follows their usual pattern with new legendary skins, players should expect these new Summer Games legendary skins to fetch a price of 3,000 credits. More skins will more than likely be revealed as we get closer to the Summer Games August 9 start date.


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