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Infinity Countdown Companion Review

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Infinity Countdown Companion Review

Get the complete picture to prepare yourself for ‘Infinity Wars.’

When comic book events are released there are typically quite a few tie-in issues. In the case of Infinity Countdown a lot of them were one-shot style stories, which makes the companion book a great idea if you want to get every story in one package. This collection contains the adventures of the Champions (a two-parter), reveals what Captain Marvel has been enduring wielding the Reality Stone, and explains what Black Widow has endured while harboring the Space Stone.

So what’s it about?

The official summary reads:

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The events of the Infinity Countdown are felt across the Marvel Universe! Carol Danvers holds the Reality Stone – and with it meets the Captain Marvels of many worlds! Daredevil battles to keep Hell’s Kitchen safe from the influence of the Mind Stone! And the Champions fight in deep space for…the Chitauri!? All this plus…Black Widow! Don’t miss this blockbuster tie-in to the most explosive Marvel event of 2018!

Why does this matter?

Infinity Countdown was a solid pre-event story, so why not dig into this as well? This collection serves as a primer for where the Infinity Stones are as well as to get readers even more ready for Infinity Wars.

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

Infinity Countdown Companion Review

For a second there I thought Matt could hear someone tweeting. Credit: Marvel Comics

This book kicks off with a Captain Marvel story that is written by Jim McCann and drawn by Diego Olortegui. The story reveals how Captain Marvel uses the Space Stone to see how other versions of herself in other dimensions resolved a similar problem. It’s a rabbit hole of a quandary she dives into which reveals there’s probably too much information to actually use it in a smart way. The story does a good job revealing Captain Marvel is a great hero in comparison to other dimensions (look out for a movie connection in a double page layout). The Infinity Stone is essentially used to reveal her heroism, but also shows us it’s in good hands.

The second story is written by Gerry Duggan and drawn by Chris Sprouse, Phil Noto, and Lee Ferguson and focuses on Daredevil. He doesn’t have the Infinity Stone, but someone else does. This story does a good job of showing what can happen when the Mind Stone is in a bad guy’s hands. It’s not the end of the world, but it is used for evil.

The third story is by Jim Zub and Emilio Laiso and it is a two-part story focused on the Champions. This story involves Thanos, an all-out war, and a very big moment for Nova. It’s a good story on its own and it adds some superhero action to the collection.

The final story is focused on Black Widow and a side mission she undertakes while wielding the Space Stone. It is written by Gerry Duggan and drawn by Nik Virella and Brent Schoonover and is a great done in one tale. It also has Widow getting tied into some magical forces, which is different for her character. The stone acts as a teleportation device, more or less, and the story has an adventure feel.

Infinity Countdown Companion Review

Run Natasha, run! Credit: Marvel Comics

It can’t be perfect can it?

With Infinity Wars three issues into its run it’s quite clear the events of this collection aren’t that important. They do serve as entertainment on the side, but you could easily skip it and miss nothing in regards to the bigger story. This is a great read for folks who need to have it all, but the narrative purpose is a bit lost. Some of the art is also somewhat lesser-than at times, which is customary for tie-in stories.

Is it good?

A good companion, but it’s certainly not a must-read. I liked a few of the stories here and while the art can sometimes be okay (and other times great) it just doesn’t feel important enough to recommend this as a must read.

Infinity Countdown Companion Review
Infinity Countdown Companion
Is it good?
A good collection, although not entirely necessary reading.
A fun collection of complete stories either in two issues or one
Nice mix of characters and styles of storytelling
Get the complete picture to prepare yourself for 'Infinity Wars'
Some stories are better than others, but ultimately they all don't feel entirely necessary

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