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Adventures of the Super Sons #3 Review

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Adventures of the Super Sons #3 Review

About as much fun as two super sons can be.

If you enjoyed Peter J. Tomasi and Patrick Gleason’s excellent run on the superhero sons of Superman and Batman you still have options, folks. Well, option, I guess. This new 12 part series continues this week with issue #3 and the Super Sons are not two, but three. Wait, what?

So what’s it about?

The official summary reads:

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The Super Sons find themselves tumbling through space and time without so much as a GPS to guide them! Having battled the intergalactic group of teen hoodlums known as the Gang, Superboy and Robin barely escape. However, they do end up having a shootout with gunslingers on a Western-like world before engaging in a swordfight to save a princess on a medieval-like planet. The Sons need to find their way back to Earth before the Gang does a planetary smash-and-grab with the whole planet!

Why does this matter?

This has an all-ages feel to it not unlike a great DC animated series. It has a nice spark, fun villains, and plenty of action.

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

Adventures of the Super Sons #3 Review

Break it up you two. Credit: DC Comics

This issue is almost all battling between Damian, Jon Kent Red, Jon Kent Blue and the kid versions of DC Comics’ biggest villains. Tomasi has basically tucked a conflict inside of a conflict, giving the two Jons plenty to fight over (like brothers, really) as they attempt to prove who is not the clone. This is happening while mini-Lex and his band of misfits are trying to take back control of the situation. They are not. It’s a fun take to be sure since these villains aren’t quite as sharp as one might have expected.

The crowning achievement of this issue is showing how good Damian is in this now-threesome, not only keeping things in control but directing the two Superboys to help win the day. There’s even a touching moment where Jon reflects how good of a teammate (and friend) Damian is in the face of danger.

This issue is drawn by Carlo Barberi, who continues to render the art in a superhero style with a thin line that’s crisp and detailed. The mini versions of the villains have an almost comical nature to them which helps keep the action fun and light. The designs of their costumes are also quite good.

Adventures of the Super Sons #3 Review

Poor kid Joker. Credit: DC Comics

It can’t be perfect can it?

This is a fight comic mostly, so don’t expect the plot pushing forward that much. By the end, there are new connections being made for the heroes, but the story seems to have accomplished little. Really though, what else do you expect from a comic such as this?

The characterization of the villainous gang seems way off based on what has been developed so far. There’s certainly some discontent on the team, but the first two issues built them up as a team to rival Damian and Superboy. In this issue, however, they are quickly defeated and they come off as a bit buffoonish.

Is it good?

A good issue — possibly the strongest yet — in a series that’s tons of all-ages fun.

Adventures of the Super Sons #3 Review
Adventures of the Super Sons #3
Is it good?
A good issue -- possibly the strongest yet -- in a series that's tons of all-ages fun.
Sharp art hammers home the superhero aesthetic
Fight comic!
The bond between Damian and Jon is built up well
The plot barely moves forward and the villains come off as buffoonish after being built up rather well

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