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This week leaves us with another amazing episode of 'Crashing'.


Crashing S3 E7: “The Christian Tour” recap and review

This week leaves us with another amazing episode of ‘Crashing’.

Last week’s episode of Crashing was one of the series’ best. It ended with Kat drunkenly exploding on Pete outside the Comedy Cellar and leaving him there alone, Pete later coming home to find Kat in bed, and us discovering that Ali has been texting Pete recently (possibly in a romantic sense rather than as friends). This week leaves us with another amazing episode.

The episode opens up with Pete on a tour bus, getting “F--K YOU” texts from Kat before joining in on a jam session in the next room. Pete is touring churches on the “Good Faith Variety Show” around the country. We see a bit of one of his sets, and it seems like funny material especially for the Christian market. He’s doing a meet and greet after when Marcy, the lady running the tour, pulls Pete aside. She tells him how great the show was and offers him to come on morning radio the next day. Pete is ecstatic. She then asks him if he’s looked at his contract…he clearly hasn’t, and she lets him know that he said “pissed” on stage earlier which is not allowed per the contract as it’s a bodily fluid. Talk about running a tight ship. She then goes on to tell him that the audience loves when he talks about his faith and that he should lean into that more. Seems like Marcy is telling Pete how to tell jokes…I feel like this is may become a problem down the road.

Pete is in his bunk that night and listens to a voicemail from Kat where she’s going off on him for texting her about breaking up and not even calling. His bunkmate (I believe his name is John?) asks him if he’s alright, and they have a nice little talk that seems to be a bit of a bonding experience.

This week leaves us with another amazing episode of 'Crashing'.

The next morning Pete is up bright and early at the radio station, Z 88.7, with Marcy. She tells him to “let his light shine” on air. Pete goes on air and they immediately start making fun of the fact that he’s a “Christian” comedian. They want to play a game where they come up with Pete’s porno name. Pete is hesitant to play along but they insist. Marcy isn’t thrilled but then Pete recovers when he gives details about the tour – Marcy looks at someone in the waiting room and says “that’s my boy.”

Jessica Kirson then stops by the show to Pete’s surprise! They’re obviously friends and fellow comedians from New York. They finish out the radio show and then head to grab breakfast together. She asks about the Christian tour and how he ended up there, as the last time she saw him he was with Kat with a bag of dildos. He’s clearly insecure about it and feels like he’s a bit of a sell out. Jessica tells him he should do it for that kind of money ($1,000 per show) if he feels fine with it. She tells him everyone needs to just decide what line they won’t cross. If you can sleep at night with your decision, then do it. They have a great, hilarious day walking around town. Before they part ways, Jessica tells Pete to do whatever he wants with his career, but to make sure he’s not funnier off stage than on stage. You can tell that’s going to stick with Pete, and with that Jessica takes off.

Pete does another set at another church and this time, he takes things too far for Marcy. It’s quite hilarious to the viewer, but you know there’s no way he’s going to get away with what he says during his routine this time. Pete walks slowly out of the church, knowing that Marcy awaits. “You know I have to fire you,” she says. Pete replies that he knows. She says he pissed all over what this tour is about, and Pete finds it somewhat funny that she used the word “pissed”. She does not and walks away.

This week leaves us with another amazing episode of 'Crashing'.

Pete walks over to his bunkmate from the tour and tells him he’s been kicked off. He isn’t surprised, and Pete explains that he needs to spread his wings and grow which he doesn’t feel like he can do here. His bunkmate totally understands and says God has a different plan for all of us. They hug and say goodbye.

Pete is now back in New York and at a bar with one of his comedian friends telling her that Kat is about to meet him here because she demanded an in person talk for their break up. She walks in and sits down with Pete, telling him she knows he’s been scared to face her and that they should be able to talk about this like adults.

This week leaves us with another amazing episode of 'Crashing'.

She asks why he doesn’t think they should be together. Pete says she’s out of his league and he was overwhelmed. She starts getting angry. She says she wants to know what’s really going on and that he’s weak. She tells him that he used her and the second Ali started coming back into the picture a bit, Pete got bored and wanted out. He shakes his head and she tells him that in ten years, he’ll regret this and she’ll realize she dodged a bullet. She walks out of the bar…goodbye Kat. I’m happy to see her go! I’m happy Pete experienced a girl like Kat, because she definitely opened up his world. But she wasn’t the right girl for him and that was fairly obvious I think. Here’s to moving forward for Pete!

This week leaves us with another amazing episode of 'Crashing'.

He then walks away from his barstool and runs back into his comedian friend, who is with some other female comedians, including Amy Schumer. Amy introduces herself to Pete and tells him that she honestly didn’t think a girl as good looking as Kat would want to date Pete. She, along with the other ladies, start roasting Pete for breaking up with someone so attractive. It’s a hilarious end to the episode, and I already can’t wait for next week’s finale yet am also sad because I don’t want it to be over!

Crashing S3 E7: "The Christian Tour"
Is it good?
The Christian Tour follows up last week's amazing episode with another winner. Between Pete's short-lived stint on tour, his funny yet heartfelt hang sesh with Jessica Kirson, and his in person break up with Kat, a lot is packed into this one and it's all quality.
His bits on the Christian tour that we see are pretty hilarious
His hang out with Jessica Kirson is both funny and touching
The final scene in person break up with Kat moves Pete forward
Great character development and comedy in this episode
None of the regular characters we love so much

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