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That time Captain America got a sex change and fought feminism

This may go down as one of the most bizarre superhero stories ever written.

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One of the great joys in reading Marvel Comics’ Epic Collections is getting a taste of what they were doing at a specific time in history. Issues that came out in 1970 can be read in one sitting which helps get an idea of how different comics were and what was on the minds of the creators. When it comes to the Captain America Epic Collection: The Superia Stratagem, however, I’m unclear what it was that inspired them. In this series, we find Captain America is trying to save Diamondback from a covert operation that can only go wrong. If only Cap knew how bad it would get.

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Credit: Marvel Comics

Starting in Captain America #390, Cap and Paladin reach the cruise ship Diamondback is on. It ends up becoming a brawl with nearly every female superpower in Marvel Comics. It’s too much for the heroes who end up getting captured. Their punishment? To be turned into women.

Credit: Marvel Comics

The supervillain is named Superia and she has plans to use this gender operation to force Cap and Paladin to do what she wants. If they don’t, she won’t change them back to men!

We soon learn she has bigger plans involving her island, which is inhabited by only women. We learn her plan is to make the entire world infertile save for her island females. She literally says the plan is to make her people a vital resource that can’t be ignored.

We also learn Cap was in the tank for six hours before being rescued. Crazy. After an issue of fighting Cap finally comes face to face with Superia and there’s only one way to resolve their conflict, naturally . . .

A lot of shocking dialogue above, wouldn’t you say? After fighting it out Cap wins, but only just barely.

I guess Cap can feel a bit better knowing he’s not just a “mere man” eh?

This may go down as one of the most bizarre superhero stories ever written. Regardless, it’s a shock that Marvel reprinted it and yet a testament to them to continue to publish these incredible stories even if they’re inappropriate in a modern and more open minded era.


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