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Best new decks for Ranked play so far in Hearthstone: Rise of Shadows


Best new decks for Ranked play so far in Hearthstone: Rise of Shadows

We’re only two days into the new Hearthstone expansion, Rise of Shadows, but already some decks stand out more than others in the new competitive metagame. If you’re at a loss for which cards to use or which decks to try after all your favorite Year of the Mammoth cards rotated out, give the following a look:

Bomb Warrior

Somebody set us up the bomb. Thanks, Kripparian.

This one might drop off in the coming weeks as every competitive player and their grandmother are hellbent on knocking it down a few pegs but as it stands this deck is noticeably the most popular and most powerful from the first few days of ladder play.

Deck Code:


Token Druid

A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one. Druid fell off hard after the Wild Growth and Nourish nerfs. Will this new iteration of Token Druid, with its deadly quick ability to flood the board and apply pressure see the return of Druid prominence?

Deck Code:


Control Warrior

Control Warrior, which saw a decent amount of play before the rotation, didn’t lose many vital components and as a result is able to flex this stalwart deck with one of the few remaining Hero cards in Dr. Boom, Mad Genius, capable board clear and plenty of value late-game.

Tempo Rogue

Grab your Waggle Picks and send a Defias Messenger to Edwin van Cleef: this Tempo Rogue will fill the gaping hole left in the heart of Odd Rogue and Fal’dorei Strider Rogues fans from Year of the Mammoth.

Early iterations of this deck saw implementation of Heistbaron Togwaggle but more recently high-level players have been omitting him for a more streamlined attack.

Deck Code:


Mech Hunter

Mech Hunter has been a fun deck in Wild for a minute now but hasn’t quite had the tools to succeed in Standard. Rise of Shadows might change that. Mech Hunter is also looking like an early counter to Bomb Warrior, which is a plus for those of you looking to stay ahead of the meta curve.

Deck Code:


Murloc Shaman


Translation: Murloc’s back on the menu, boys! Endorsed by Trump himself.

Deck Code:


Spell Hunter

Zul’jin might not be able to harness the power of Emerald Spellstones anymore but his synergy with classic Dragon Legendaries Malygos and Alexstrasza as well as new Legendaries Vereesa Windrunner and Jepetto Joybuzz portend plenty of “da big axe” in Rise of Shadows.

Deck Code:


Zoo Warlock

Cubelock and Even Lock will be sorely missed but a bevy of interesting new Warlock cards and demon synergy could easily fill the Void (pun).

There’s also a Zoo configuration with Grim Rally, Knife Juggler, Scarab Egg, Evil Genius and Arch-Villain Rafaam that’s seeing more play and greater success from high-level players as of this writing.

Deck Code:


Did we miss any decks you’ve seen success with on the Ranked Ladder so far? Let us know.

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