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Veep: Season 7, Episode 3 'Pledge' review


Veep: Season 7, Episode 3 ‘Pledge’ review

‘Pledge’ places a stronger emphasis on storytelling.

Warning! Spoilers for Veep below.

The story so far: Yet another candidate emerges after Selina spends a weekend trying to secure donors for her upcoming campaign. Tom James professes his love for her. Due to their tumultuous past, Selina is wary of her former running mate. Jonah continues to be oblivious to how careful he must be in choosing the words he uses. Mike is doing surprisingly well as a writer at Buzzfeed. Richard continues to juggle working on two campaigns. Amy makes an incredibly difficult decision.

The first episode of Veep highlighted its strong writing through its clever wordplay. ‘Pledge’ places a stronger emphasis on storytelling. This is not to say that the premiere told a weak story or that the third episode is not as funny, it is more about how the episodes dealt with situations. For example, the first episode is rapid fire series of one liners. Episode three is also filled with wit, but the focus here is more on what direction Selina’s campaign in headed.

As her presidential bid marches forward, Veep once again takes a deep examination into its main character. Selina Meyer may be the former Vice President of the United States who enjoyed a short run as President of the country, but the show has never shied away from showing her faults. Chief among her character flaws is her insecurity. The episode really hones in on this part of Selina. It is almost startling to see what depths she will sink to in order to get back into office.

Veep: Season 7, Episode 3 'Pledge' review

The episode also demonstrates just how much the once and would be future President refuses to take accountability for her actions. This is another trait that has been a part of her since the earliest episodes. Where it was funny before, it has taken on a very ugly side that borders on unlikable. While it may sound like the writing is ruining the character, it is actually an example of strong development. Over the years, viewers have watched as Selina has dove headfirst into horrible situations. It only makes sense that she would be worn down after all this time.

The other major storyline of the season has been Amy and her pregnancy. This has been one of the more gripping arcs in the entire run of Veep. The show has not been one that dabbles too much in love stories. Selina has had her various affairs and Dan likes to sleep around, but there has not been much else. Amy’s struggling with her decision has been incredibly emotional. The show has always been filled with twists and turns and this story is no different. From Amy wanting to try to make things work with Dan to her confidence she would able to do things on her own, it has been interesting to see where things are headed. Last episode’s final moments were very powerful and ‘Pledge’ keeps viewers engaged.

Veep: Season 7, Episode 3 'Pledge' review

Jonah’s bid for the Presidency has been incredibly fun to watch. The writers have done a great job of making him possibly the funniest character on the show while also ensuring he seems like a realistic threat. His chemistry with Teddy Sykes is great and the addition of a wife has added another dynamic to the character. Jonah’s comments constantly make viewers shake their heads, but it is impossible not to wonder how he is polling.

‘Plague’ is another great episode in the final season of Veep. Now that the Democratic debates have begun, there is a new overlying tension to the show. The writing and performances are always top notch. Each episode is also laugh out loud funny. There are no fillers in Veep. Shows come and go and every season sees a sendoff to another favorite, but Veep remains a standout.

Veep: Season 7, Episode 3 'Pledge' review
Veep S7 E3 'Pledge'
Is it good?
The one liners always seem to hit the mark and the stories are gripping and entertaining. This is political satire at its best.
The arc involving Amy is very emotional
Incredibly funny
Strong character study of Selina
Intriguing race
Why is Leon there?

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