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Veep Season 7 Episode 5: 'Super Tuesday' Review


Veep Season 7 Episode 5: ‘Super Tuesday’ Review

This may have been the most emotional episode of ‘Veep’ in the show’s history.

Warning! Spoilers for Veep below.

The story so far: Selina seems to have placed winning the nomination for Presidency ahead of everything – including her own principles. Some of her decisions and the reveal of a very connected antagonist have added a sense of intrigue never before seen in the show. Now that Amy is running Jonah’s campaign she is experiencing a whole different set of difficulties. Still, the outspoken candidate seems to be gaining traction. Richard becomes an overnight hero while Dan loses his job after a one night stand.

This may have been the most emotional episode of Veep in the show’s history. Andrew has been a constant problem for Selina. Though she has been embarrassed by him multiple times and her staff constantly try to keep the two apart, Selina has always been willing to brush aside the issues. During her latest run for office, Selina has made it clear on numerous occasions that she no longer is connected to Andrew. This has been in the case many times in the past, but her single minded focus on the Presidency seem to ensure that her choice would stick this time.

Veep Season 7 Episode 5: 'Super Tuesday' Review

No matter what their relationship status, it seemed obvious that Andrew’s shady dealings would always come back to haunt his ex wife. ‘Super Tuesday’ addresses where the two are headed in their lives and it is very touching. Julia Louis-Dreyfus is always dependable and here she is asked to call on emotions not seen as often from her character. The talk between Selina and Andrew may be brief, but there is lots of gravitas packed into it. The resolution also shows that despite everything they have been though and the doubts of others, Selina definitely loves her husband.

The entire situation also gives great insight into Gary. For years, the joke surrounding Tony Hale’s character is how he is little more than a yes man to Selina. He knows everything about his boss and at times his admiration seems to more of an odd form of hero worship. He also cares about what she thinks, making sure to always tell her what she wants to hear and yearning for her approval. Here, we see Gary genuinely cares for her. With one line, Gary delivers one of the most powerful moments of the entire episode. In an show filled with emotional gut punches, this will hit the hardest for some.

More insight is given into another former Team Meyer member. Amy’s decision to leave Selina for Jonah may have seemed odd to many. She has been a constant by Selina’s side, trying to steer her in the right direction and even taking the blame for her on many occasions. Still, over the course of the series a rift has developed between the two. What started as passive aggressive comments became mean spirited jabs before finally turning into demoralizing harassment. Seeing that it is just as important to Amy to show up Selina as it is to actually win the election is just a natural progression for her character.

Veep Season 7 Episode 5: 'Super Tuesday' Review

With only three episodes to go, it was clear that the writing for Veep was going to have to be very strong. The writers manage to pull it off here as a lot happens but everything comes together nicely by the end of the episode. Much is packed in and it would have been very easy to lose the importance of what was happening. That is not the case here, and the show engages the audience without ever feeling rushed.

Episode ten of Veep is one of the most powerful ever from the acclaimed series. Long time viewers will be very satisfied with how Amy and Selina have changed over the years. Gary gets a chance to really shine while still being in the background. This is all being done with the Democratic primaries serving as little more than setting. Veep is political satire at its best, but the characters are the real draw here.

Veep Season 7 Episode 5: 'Super Tuesday' Review
Veep S7 E5 'Super Tuesday'
Is it good?
There is so much going on but nothing ever seems hurried or ignored. As the show ends, it is keeps proving how strong the writing is.
An emotional episode that will give viewers the "feels"
Great performances from Louis-Dreyfus and Hale
Impressive character development
It can be a lot to keep up with

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