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Brie Larson thanks her stunt doubles when accepting Best Fight award at 2019 MTV Movie Awards

Captain Marvel lead actress Brie Larson made an important shout-out after winning at the 2019 MTV Movie Awards.

Brie Larson took home the award for Best Fight at the 2019 MTV Movie & TV Awards but in true superhero fashion she remained humble, classy and didn’t neglect to credit her teammates — namely, her stunt doubles Renae Moneymaker and Joanna Bennett.

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“This is so cool. First and foremost thank you MTV and thank you to the fans. Thank you so much for voting for this film we’re so proud of,” Larson said, before adding: “But I wanted to take this moment to really say thank you to the two women that are standing here beside me. These are the women who trained me and were also the stunt doubles for Captain Marvel.”

“I could not have made this film without them. They are really the baseline for who she is. They are the living embodiment of Captain Marvel.”

The 29-year-old Larson put in a Herculean effort to train for her role as Carol Danvers AKA Captain Marvel, working with personal trainer John Walsh for nine months in a strict regimen that included resistance training and martial arts. “I never thought I’d be able to deadlift 225 pounds, she told People Magazine before the film’s release. “Never thought I could hip thrust 400 pounds, I didn’t even know hip thrust existed before and so that was great.”

Larson is still hitting it hard with her Captain Marvel routine. “The martial arts, the boxing, all of that added a new element that’s really stuck with me that I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life continuing to study,” she added. “Because I love the space my brain gets into when I’m doing it, it’s like a meditation, it really sticks with me and it’s profoundly changed the way I live my life.”

Check out some of Brie’s training sessions for Captain Marvel in the following video from IMDB:

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