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Welcome to AiPT!'s Spectacular Spider-Month


Welcome to AiPT!’s Spectacular Spider-Month

In honor of ‘Far From Home’, join us all month long for nonstop Spider-content!

Hello, I’m Forrest Hollingsworth — “Forrest with two Rs” for those in the know — a comics reviewer and podcast co-host here at AiPT! and I have a confession to make: this was always bound to happen. If it wasn’t Spectacular Spider-Month in July, it would’ve been Sinister Symbiote Month in August, Sensational Spidey-Days in September, or something of the sort. Far From Home hot off the heels of one of the most successful movies of all time is a pretty good excuse though, huh?

You see, nine times out of ten when I’m reading or reviewing a comic that isn’t Spider-Man, I wish it was. Peter Parker, Gwen, Miles, Otto, Goblins, Symbiotes, and all the rest, I love them with my whole heart — I’ve read Spider-Man: Blue 10 or more times and still tear up. From Sinister to Superior to Spider-Verse and back, I think Spider-Man’s world has some of the best stories and characters in not only Marvel comics, but the medium as a whole. I think a lot of other people feel this way, too.

As such, we here at AiPT! have arranged a month of content: interviews with creators new and old, exclusive comic previews, features, opinions and hot takes, deep dives into the science side of Spidey’s webbed world, and a whole lot more for you, the people that feel the same way as me. You can expect to see us every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday of July Here’s a brief idea of when to expect things:

Mondays: Creator interviews with Chip Zdarsky, Seanan McGuire, Tom Taylor and Juann Cabal, Jed MacKay, Todd Nauck, Kurt Busiek, and more.

Tuesdays: Science and features including but not limited to a deep dive into the unproduced Spidey film projects you may not have even known existed.

Thursdays: Science, science, science! Curious if Peter would really get powers from being bit? How about how successful any of those Goblin gliders would actually be in flight? We’ve got answers.

Fridays: Aesthetics and fun. Fridays are all about taking a deeper look at the visuals of the Spider-Verse. We’ll be ranking all of Peter’s best (and worst) suits, unpacking the most iconic covers and more.

Saturdays: Have you heard the seriously weird productions stories attached to Spider-Man’s Sega arcade game? How about a bootleg line of toys? We’re taking a look at all the odds and ends of Spidey’s various properties every weekend. Kick back with the kooky bits!

There’s a dedicated Spectacular Spider-Month button on AiPT’s homepage in case you’re eager for the content, too!

And it’s not just Peter Parker we’re talking about! There’s articles and interviews about Gwen Stacy, Mary Jane, Miles Morales, even the often-overlooked original Japanese Manga. “Anyone can wear the mask”, after all, and we want to celebrate the voices of comics creators, our own writing staff, and representations as diverse as the characters across the Spider-Verse itself.

If it was Stan Lee and Ditko, Raimi and Macguire, just having a PS4, or anywhere in-between that got you into the characters found in this part of the marvel ‘verse, this is for you. I sincerely hope you enjoy it.

Welcome to AiPT!'s Spectacular Spider-Month

Me throwing all the great content your way. Please, take it! | Credit: Marvel

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