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Justice League #28 will change how you think about Lex Luthor

It takes a hero’s seeming demise to hammer home how different Lex Luthor is now.

Spoilers ahead. You’ve been warned.

Lex Luthor has had quite a year. He met with the Batman Who Laughs face to face, he literally died, and now he’s reborn into something else. We don’t quite know what he is now, but it’s presumably something far greater than a human being.

In Justice League #28, out today, we learn to what extent he’s developed and it’s at the loss of a hero at that. Early on we learn he’s capable of communicating with Martian Manhunter telepathically and then, later on, that was a grave mistake for J’onn.

He uses the word “technology” here, but soon we learn there’s an organic ability we’ve never seen from Lex before. Tendrils come out of Lex attaching to Martian Manhunter.

Lex appears to be absorbing Martian Manhunter into his body. Gross, dude! He also refers to himself in the third person as if he isn’t actually Lex Luthor anymore. As Martian Manhunter is turned into green goo tendrils, Lex reveals what is under his cloak.


Now I have to wonder, is the green in the costume literally Martian Manhunter’s body? I guess we’ll find out soon enough now that we’ve seen Lex uncovered. It’s also worth noting he has long alien-like fingers and the complexion of a corpse. Nice look if you’re going full evil!

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This is only a sliver of the story though and I highly recommend you read the whole issue. You can buy it today!


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