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Farmhand #10 review: Night of the Living Plant People

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Farmhand #10 review: Night of the Living Plant People

Zeke and his sister Andrea are unaware of the evil that Mayor Thorne is about to unleash on the town.

Jedidiah Jenkins is still recovering in the hospital after having his rear end kicked by a transplant patient. Mayor Thorne aka plant creature of the night has revealed her hideous true form and looks to make the townsfolk of Freetown her mindless garden puppets. Although what she plans to do with them is still a mystery, you know it can’t be good. With Jed out of action, it looks like it’s up to his offspring Zeke and Andrea to try to uncover the truth.


The Writing

One of the coolest aspects of the story that Rob Guillory explores in this issue is manipulation. For example, we get to see Mayor Thorne as a happy-go-lucky public official, winning a trophy at a farmer’s market one minute, and the next she’s hiding decapitated heads in her tool shed. While the first chapter of Farmhand was a bit more lighthearted and humorous, this arc feels a bit darker and it works. However, Guillory still manages to find moments to insert a few fun laughs here and there.

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As the story progresses the biggest thing that we continue to learn is that Mayor Thorne is full of crap. Guillory does an impressive job using dramatic irony in this issue to emphasize that point. Aside from that the pacing and dialogue continue to be pretty top-notch given the silly nature of the story.

The Art

Rob Guillory and Taylor Wells really knock it out of the park this issue, with the art and colors really enhancing the story. One of my favorite pages at the beginning of the book involves Mayor Thorne in her demonic flowery monster form. She calls out to the infected transplants in a way that is reminiscent of Lion-O calling out to the Thundercats. In addition to the pencil work, Wells’ rich and colorful color choices do a fantastic job at balancing the story given its dark nature.


The Verdict

Farmhand #10 has such a shocking finale that it’ll leave you in anticipation for the next chapter. The driving force that continues to make Farmhand such a compelling story is its ability to create new questions as it answers others. The art gets more amazing with each book and the colors by Wells are out of this world. If you like movies like Invasion of the Body Snatchers or The Faculty, you’ll love Farmhand.

Farmhand #10 review: Night of the Living Plant People
Farmhand #10
Is it good?
The plot continues to be intriguing, entertaining, and a lot of fun.
Witty dialogue
Amazing color work
Solid line work
Engaging story
Leaves you wanting more

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