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Reaver #2 review: Misfits Assemble

A brutal snow storms causes our six protagonist to fend off against climate weather and a few other surprises.

Nothing says team bonding like a nice stroll through a snowstorm with a bunch of murderous companions. Reaver #2 sees our band of merry misfit prisoners walking through Rael territory towards their perhaps final destination to infiltrate The Anvil(The place the bad guys took over). Forced to set up camp for the night our six brave heroes quickly discover there’s more to fear in the woods than the cold of the night. For those who haven’t read the first issue of comic writer Justin Jordan(The Strange Talent of Luther Strode, Spread) and artist Rebekah Isaac’s(Buffy the Vampire Slayer) Game of Thrones meets Suicide Squad epic, this is your chance to catch up!

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The Writing

Jordan offers a lot of interesting insight this time around including our first glimpse of the group functioning as a team (somewhat). While issue one set up the plot and introduced us to the characters, Reaver #2 starts to unpack the personalities traits of each individual. In this issue they’re forced to work together to fend off some unwelcome guests and soon discover they share one common interest: don’t die! The best part about the writing here is that it definitely helps add a bit more depth to the characters. (Which I think is what Jordan is aiming for.)

First, this issue scores big points for finding its own unique voice and tone. Second, the chemistry between the characters is both informative and a lot of fun to read, especially from Rekala the Skin Eater. And, what I love more than anything else including the action sequences is Jordan’s ability to tell a story at his own pace. He doesn’t try to cram too much story into an issue which allows the reader time to process it organically.

Winter is here

Rebekah Isaac really put a lot of artistic detail in this issue. For the first half of the story, she finds a creative way to balance the snow versus everything else going on in the panels.  The idea of drawing one main protagonist takes a lot of effort so I’m sure six is plenty to keep her busy. She continues to do a fantastic job with her unique vision with her character designs as well. The action in this book is some of her best yet and I can’t wait to see what she does when she really let’s loose.

Good journey until next time

Jordan and Isaac continue to be a tour de force delivering a fun, action-packed adventurous tale. The artwork is amazing, the dialogue really drives the story forward, and did I mention people eat skin in this book? I had great expectations after reading the first one and it continues to not disappoint. I’m excited to see what dangers lie ahead for our six dysfunctional heroes.

Is it good?
Justin Jordan and Rebekah Isaac continue to be an artistic tour de force delivering a fun, action-packed adventurous tale.
Solid Dialogue
Great action
Funny moments
Great chemistry among the characters
Not predictable
I wish each issue was double sized.

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