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WoW Classic honor display issue fix is coming

Blizzard believes they’ve identified the root cause of the trouble.

Blizzard released the highly anticipated Player-Verse-Player honor system for World of Warcraft: Classic on November 15. The system provides players with honor points whenever they kill “honorable” targets, which are essentially players from the opposing faction that are around their character’s level. Through the honor system players can earn special mounts, armor, weapons, and titles.

Unfortunately almost immediately after the honor system’s release players began reporting that it wasn’t functioning correctly and a mega thread was created on the WoW Classic bug forums. Specifically, the “Yesterday” and “This Week” sections of the honor tab weren’t reporting honor data correctly.

Sunday afternoon a WoW Classic developer responded in the thread to address the issue and its incoming fix.

I agree, but unfortunately we didn’t have the chance to respond sooner. We’ve been investigating, and can now confirm that yes, this is a separate issue, that’s not related to the caching issues we were experiencing previously. The caching issues made it more difficult to uncover this issue, and I appreciate the detailed reports of which kills were missing and over what time range which helped us track this down.

We’re getting pretty close to fixing this, and it turns out it was caused by the daily honor script running before the end of the day, causing it to miss kills that haven’t yet happened. But worry not! Those kills are still recorded, they just weren’t getting collected into the daily statistics correctly, so they’re not displaying in-game for “yesterday” or “this week” kills/honor. The source of the issue appears to be a scheduling system treating a UTC time as a local time, and we believe we’ve found and fixed that problem a few minutes ago.

We’re also working on a fix to repair the daily statistics which we’re hoping to run Monday, in advance of the weekly rank adjustment, so it will correctly count all your kills and honor correctly for this week.

I want to stress, that we do have all the kills recorded, even though you can’t see them all in-game, and we’re working hard to get the weekly statistics correct.

Thank you for your patience as we untangle this issue.

WoW Classic Battlegrounds will launch on December 10.


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