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Review: MyCharge HubMax Universal and RazorExtreme PD Portable Chargers


Review: MyCharge HubMax Universal and RazorExtreme PD Portable Chargers

Large and in charge.

Usually I cover games here on Adventures In Poor Taste, but lately I’ve been tinkering with trying a few accessories to go along with them. And this includes chargers, because, well, if you don’t have the power plug for your mobile phone or Nintendo Switch, you’re going to need something to keep the battery from being depleted, right?

MyCharge recently reached out to see if I wanted to give their devices a look. The first is the HubMax Universal, a portable charger with some real oomph behind it; and the second is the more power-sized RazorExtreme PD, meant to power up laptops and devices or larger size with plug-in support.

Let’s take a look at each one and see how they measure up:

MyCharge HubMax Universal ($99.99)

Review: MyCharge HubMax Universal and RazorExtreme PD Portable Chargers

Small, convenient, and helpful.

First up is the HubMax Universal. This little wonder is a practical solution for those of you seeking a charge to your smaller devices, including iOS and Android-capable ones. It’s a practical all-in-one unit, with pull-out iPhone and USB-C cables built into the unit. This might make it tricky to plug in something if you need a longer cable, but it’s fairly easy to set up your mobile device next to it.

What’s more, there’s actually a set of power prongs built into the device. You simply flick it down and plug it in, and it begins charging pretty much instantly. Then, when you’re done, you fold it back up and use it like normal. It’s a pretty cool trick, though its design probably adds on to its $100 price.

The device hlds a pretty solid charge, as I was able to recharge both my iPhone and iPad a few times before juice eventually ran out. That really says something for the long-lasting value of it, particularly if you’re on the go and don’t necessarily have access to an outlet. (This could easily be said for, say, long plane flights on a cheaper charter.)

Review: MyCharge HubMax Universal and RazorExtreme PD Portable Chargers

Outstanding for tablets and phones alike.

As you can see in the pictures, the HubMax Universal has a sleek, silvery design, making it look practical next to your other electronics. And it slips right into your pocket with very minimal scratching, save for if you have something else in there that can brush up against it, such as your keys.

Overall, in spite of the price being a little on the high side (compared to other chargers), the MyCharge Hub is a peak performer. It holds up very well for providing hours’ worth of charge, and recharges conveniently with a built-in plug-in. Plus it’s easy to see just how much power is left with its light-up indicator on the side. Out of all of MyCharge’s products, this one is clearly a favorite.

Now, let’s check on the other one.

RazorExtreme PD ($99.99)

Review: MyCharge HubMax Universal and RazorExtreme PD Portable Chargers

Sleek. yes. But also BIG.

Despite being the same price as the HubMax Universal, the RazorExtreme PD is a much larger device. But along with charging phones and tablets, this one can also soup up your small laptop as well. (Maybe don’t get out of hand and connect it to, say, your gaming rig.)

The device features two USB-A ports and one USB-C port, though it doesn’t have the built-in cables like the HubMax. But the included cables make it convenient to plug in your devices and charge up.

This one holds a much greater charge than the HubMax, with around 13.5 times the extra battery. That makes it excellent for those who need an on-the-go work station, or just want to type on a laptop while lounging by the pool, without having to scramble for an outlet. That said, I would’ve preferred some kind of Lightning Cable compatibility, since I’m an Apple guy.

With the multiple ports, the RazorExtreme can charge more than one device, provided you have the ports that can handle the plug-ins. It also has Advanced Power Delivery technology built in, so it’ll last for a good while on a charge. Alas, it doesn’t have the built-in plug-in unit, so you’ll need to charge it with a traditional cable.

It’s fairly easy to use, with a light-up indicator showing how much power it has left. And it’s sleekly designed, with a dark built and a non-scratch proof surface, save for, again, putting it in your bag with other things.

Review: MyCharge HubMax Universal and RazorExtreme PD Portable Chargers

This charger definitely serves its purpose when it comes to charging multiple devices.

But it’s not entirely convenient, mainly because of its large size. Sure, it’s powerful, but if you’re an on-the-go person, you might have some difficulty putting it in your pocket. It’s best reserved for small bags or some container where you can store it alongside your laptop.

I like the HubMax more, but the RazorExtreme is a pretty swell charger when it comes to size and compatibility with USB-A/USB-C devices. It’s not as practical, but for the same price, you get a much more juice to take with your laptop. It really depends on what kind of purpose you want it for.

They’re both worth checking out, but if I have to recommend between the two, the HubMax is the way to go.


Review: MyCharge HubMax Universal and RazorExtreme PD Portable Chargers
Review: MyCharge HubMax Universal and RazorExtreme PD Portable Chargers
Is it good?
Great chargers, though the HubMax has the advantage.
The HubMax features a well-built unit, with all-in-one charging and plugging in, with ease.
Though bulkier, the RazorExtreme PD holds a mighty charge, and is compatible with multiple devices at once.
The HubMax’s cables are a bit on the short side, which might make charging some devices difficult.
The RazorExtremePD doesn’t have an “all-in-one” build design, and can be a bit on the bulky side.
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