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Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 7 Episode 2 Recap: 'Captain Kim'


Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 7 Episode 2 Recap: ‘Captain Kim’

The crew become suspicious towards Holt’s replacement

Rosa, Terry, Amy and Jake are in pursuit of a perp in a storage garage center while Holt provides support in the service roads by keeping the pigeons away. The four discuss how their former leader is especially down. Not only is he still depressed from his demotion but his successor is to be announced that day. As they catch their man, they make a pact to get rid of the new captain.


Holt’s replacement, Captain Julie Kim, introduces herself to the precinct. She has many accolades including being the first Asian American woman captain on the force and in her spare time she enjoys doing charity work and designing and building skate parks for marginalized communities. When she has her individual meetings with the detectives, she finds ways to endear herself to them. She praises Amy’s penmanship and organizational skills, shows genuine interest in Terry’s kids and offers Jake a position to be the departments liaison with the F.B.I. She even invites everyone over to her place later in the evening for a party.

Though almost everyone has warmed up to Julie, Jake is unconvinced. He believes she’s a Wuntch trojan horse spying on them. At the party, he and Holt search her house to find any evidence she’s linked with the interim commissioner. Amy, who likes the new captain, doesn’t want them making a scene. She turns into a chaperone and thwarts their attempts at snooping.

As a distraction, Peralta introduces his wife to a binder innovator. Free of Amy, Jake and Holt discover a locked room that only Captain Kim has the key to. The latter runs interference while the former pickpockets the key from their host. While inside the previously inaccessible room, Jake discovers an email to Julie from Wuntch. Before he can read it, a pit bull appears and chases him out.

The newly freed dog wreaks havoc on the party. After wrangling him up, Captain Kim can’t believe he escaped and notices her key is missing. Jake admits to taking it but brings up the email he found. It turns out that Julie came to the Nine-Nine because of Holt and that Wuntch approved the request despite her feelings for the precinct. She admired how her predecessor overcame adversity to become a captain and it inspired her as she rose up the ranks.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 7 Episode 2 Recap: 'Captain Kim'

The next day at the morning meeting, Terry announces that Julie has transferred out of the precinct. She felt no matter what she does, she’ll always feel like an outsider and interloper because of their love and loyalty to Holt. Jake managed to scare off a great captain so it wouldn’t be hard to see their next one falling on the opposite end of the spectrum.

One of the subplots involved Boyle reinventing himself into bad ass, Chuck Boyle. The newfound confidence and swagger are complements of an old Rosa jacket she gave him. After all, they are the same size. The other had Terry meeting an ex-convict he put away who was working as a server. The former criminal’s social awkwardness from being locked up made it difficult for the lieutenant to eat his food.

It was so nice to receive multiple new Brooklyn Nine-Nine episodes on the same night and “Captain Kim” was the stronger of the two. It had a good mix of great writing and jokes along with slapstick hijinks as Holt and Jake go snooping.

In addition, catty Raymond Holt is the best. Still coming to terms with his demotion, he targeted much of his frustrations at his replacement behind her back. From starting a pill popping rumor, to referring to her as a “stupid B” and all the “Mm-hmm’s” whenever someone badmouthed her. Despite all this, he did admit he was honestly hurt by how quickly Julie was accepted by the same people he spent the last six years building relationships with and whom he considered his chosen family. A close second is “drunk” Holt with his 9% increase in volume and comments on his rise in body temperature.

Much like the previous episode, we saw a reversal of roles. This time Boyle becomes the cool guy with all the catchy lines while Jake becomes the awkward imbecile. Charles experiences a whole new world where attractive women hit on him and he receives invites to poker games with Broadway stars and chefs. However, in true Boyle fashion, he’s too nice and he passes his magical leather jacket to someone who was more down on their luck.

The weakest of the plots was Terry’s. He spent the party trying to schmooze his daughters’ way into a prestigious school. It came off as trying too hard and anyone on the board of admissions to a school would be able to see right through it. That part came off as unbelievable but at least the payoff with the ex-convict worked really well.

My Favorite Lines:

Charles: Amy. I love you but that’s insane. It’s a magic jacket.
Jake: Just to be clear, you think we’re dealing with a Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants situation here?
Charles: I don’t know. I’m not familiar.
Jake: You made me watch it!

Terry: Calder? That’s the best elementary school in the city. Their mock trial team gets hired to work real cases.

Amy. Oh, Jake. You don’t know who you’re dealing with do you? I was a student chaperone at every dance from middle school on. I’ve stopped more horny teenagers from making out to Savage Garden than you can count.
Jake: Cool story, but we’re not horny teens. We’re horny adults and tonight, we’re going all the way. Come on Holt, let’s shake this NARC.

Amy: You just got chaperoned. O-W-N-E-D.
Jake: Spelling is never cool.
Holt: Wrong! That was extremely cool. Now I understand why you’re “into her”.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 7 Episode 2 Recap: 'Captain Kim'
Brooklyn Nine-Nine S 7 E 2 "Captain Kim"
Is it good?
Good mix of strong writing and jokes along with slapstick hijinks
Catty Holt is the best!
Terry's storyline is the weakest of the three

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