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Channel Surfing: TV Picks for the Week of 02/16/20

A Victorian Buddy Cop Comedy, Al Pacino – Nazi Hunter & Star Wars: Clone Wars

With a litany of options for TV viewing that include broadcast, cable and streaming services, it can be easy to be overwhelmed by all the choices. We try to help you out by offering up our suggestions for the week.

A Victorian Buddy Cop Comedy

Year of the Rabbit premiered across the pond last year and is now coming stateside via IFC. The basics could seem formulaic with a no-nonsense, grizzled, alcoholic, veteran cop partnering with a green rookie who plays by the rules. However, add in the setting of Victorian Era Britain and a third companion, who is the country’s first female officer, and you get a fresh new take on the genre. The trio fight crime in the seedy underbelly of London and hilarity ensues.

The series stars Freddie Fox, Susan Wokoma and Matt Berry as Detective Inspector Rabbit, who gives the show its name. Viewers might recognize Berry from his previous roles on The IT Crowd, Disenchantment and What We Do in the Shadows. Year of the Rabbit premieres on February 19 at 10:30 pm on IFC.

Al Pacino, Nazi Hunter

Hunters is inspired by real events. In the 1970’s, numerous high-ranking Nazis have infiltrated the U.S. and are planning to create a Fourth Reich within the country. A diverse group of seemingly normal people have banded together to take down this threat and foil their genocidal plans.

Al Pacino serves as the head of these hunters and a grown-up Percy Jackson, Logan Lerman, is the shows lead. The series is created by David Well, executive produced by Jordan Peele and co-developed by his Monkeypaw Productions. Hunters debuts on Amazon Prime on February 21.

The Bad Batch

Though a half season worth of episodes aired later, Star Wars: Clone Wars was unceremoniously cancelled in 2013. At the time, fans didn’t receive the closure they wanted after following along for so long. Eventually, Disney listened to the base and is bringing back the show for a final seventh season.  In total there will be twelve episodes featuring different arcs including the anticipated, “Siege of Mandalore”.

The first episode will air on Disney+ on February 21 and is entitled, “The Bad Batch”.  Commander Cody and Captain Rex lead a unique clone commando squad behind enemy lines on an intel mission. Unfinished versions of “The Bad Batch” and the other three episodes of the arc were previously screened at both Star Wars Celebration and so it’s nice to finally see more polished final episodes.


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