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First look at The Batmobile (and Batman’s ears) from ‘The Batman’

The Batman’s Batmobile revealed.

Last month we were given our first look at Edward Pattinson suited up as The Dark Knight for upcoming Matt Reeves-helmed movie The Batman; the costume reflected the grittier, more grounded ambiance of the film, with a Bat-Symbol made of gunmetal and ominous, bad-ass music from the film’s composer Michael Giacchino.

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But what would Batman be without his iconic whip? The aesthetic of the Batmobile often symbolizes the essence of the Bat-movie in which it’s featured and The Batman‘s version, which Reeves tweeted earlier today, is different from any we’ve seen thus far.

The Batman‘s Batmobile looks the most like an actual car that we’ve ever seen as opposed to a Gothic sculpture or an armored tank.

The images also reveal our best look yet at Pattinson in the Batman costume, which incorporates tinges of grey in the body armor and a sleek, sharp set of Bat-ears on the cowl.

What do you think of The Batman‘s Batmobile? Does it fit the more grounded theme of the film or does it look too much like something out of The Fast and the Furious? Sound off in the comments.


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