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Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 7 Episode 6 Recap: 'Trying'


Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 7 Episode 6 Recap: ‘Trying’

Hitchcock searches for his tooth Cinderella while Jake and Amy face some family planning setbacks.

Everyone’s at Shaw’s for Hitchcock’s divorce party. The down on his luck detective is lamenting his unexpected break up and how he couldn’t see the signs leading to it. Heartbroken, he’s ready to swear off love all together until he spots an attractive woman at the jukebox. He then ditches his own party to run some game.


Hitchcock feels that his new flame is his soulmate but he lost her number. The only thing he has to remember her by is a tooth she lost while they ate pizza. Scully has the bright idea to check the mouths of all the women in NYC to find the lucky gum hole that matches the tooth. A modern-day Cinderella story.

Back at the precinct, Boyle has a guinea pig problem. They were originally for his son but little Nikolaj is allergic. He and Rosa store them in the supply closet where all the CPR baby dummies are stored. The creepiness factor of the room alone guarantees no one would find the animals there. Meanwhile, Holt becomes bored with his regular beat and asks Terry for a transfer. The Lieutenant refuses because it’s mandatory for all officers to work their beat for at least six months so they can form relationships with the community.

Checking in with the Nine-Nine’s newlyweds, we find Jake and Amy still unlucky in their baby making attempts. They try the Jake way which involves spontaneity and fun games but that proves unsuccessful. Then they use the Amy method, which you can imagine is more scheduled observing ovulation and menstruation cycles along with calling the most fun part, “uterine deposits”.

As time progresses, the crew experience mixed results with their problems. Charles and Rosa see the number of guinea pigs explode from two to six hundred. The little critters can’t seem to stop getting it on and multiplying. On the other hand, Amy still can’t conceive. Her new regiment, which was to increase chances by 19%, hasn’t gotten the results they wanted and their frustrations are starting to show.

Holt is settling in at his regular beat. He’s befriending the locals, both human and dog alike, and even picked up a little Russian so he can make simple chit chat. Despite being unable to find his lost love early on, Hitchcock eventually receives his fairy tale ending when he reunites with her at the place that started it all, Shaw’s. The next day at work, they announce they’re getting married and that his fiancé, Anna, is pregnant. Jake and Amy become more distraught hearing their coworker is going to be a dad.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 7 Episode 6 Recap: 'Trying'

With this news, the Peraltas change up their routine again by using the Hitchcock method: making the worst decisions possible. At the wedding, which is also at Shaw’s, they get really drunk and try to make love in the shadiest parts of the bar. During the ceremonial toast, Amy reveals to the bride’s side that it’s a shotgun wedding. This causes all sorts of drama and Holt is able to use his new found Russian fluency to relay the spectacle playing out. It turns out that Anna’s baby daddy is really her sister’s husband forcing Hitchcock to get yet another divorce.

After things die down from the previous night, Holt expresses his gratitude to Terry for not transferring his beat. He can now converse to the residents in their native tongue and this results in new leads for cases. Terry also helps to solve the guinea pig problem by donating them to science. Don’t fret though, since no chemical experiments will be performed on them. They’ll only be doing mazes.

Unfortunately for Jake and Amy, it doesn’t matter what method they use, nothing works. The lack of a positive test is taking its toll on Amy as she feels the universe just doesn’t want them to have a baby. She’s ready and willing to start a family but wants to give up after the constant disappointment. Consoling his wife, Jake offers kind words of support and understanding. He brings up other possibilities like IVF and adoption but is okay if she wants to stop trying. And that she already has a family of her own; they have each other.

With four different plots going on in “Trying”, it can feel a bit muddled at times. It can be difficult to juggle and develop so many storylines. The episode works best when they all converge like during the time progress montage. It served as an effective and efficient way to advance all four plots. They all come together again in the wedding scenes to much more comedic effect. We see sloppy drunk Amy and Jake and meet one of Hitchcock’s shady friends who may or may not want to make toupees out of guinea pig fur.

The pregnancy storyline has provided great moments for Amy. In the season premiere she struggled with the anxiety of something unplanned to the joy of potentially being a mother. Since she’s gone all in with starting a family, she’s tried everything she can to make it happen but sometimes things can be out of her control. That’s why it’s so heartbreaking to see someone so determined ready to give up. It’s moving to see Jake be so compassionate and understanding towards his wife but be open to and provide alternatives to make their family dreams come true.

My Favorite Lines

Scully: Thanks everybody for coming out to Hitchcock’s divorce party.
Diaz: Why’s the cake have two men getting married?
Scully: That’s me and Hitchcock. The boys are getting back together.
Holt: This cake is for a gay wedding. The inside is a rainbow.
Scully: Nuh-uh. It’s my favorite flavor: all the flavors.

Amy: Hey! Did you get my sexy calendar invite?
Jake: You mean the one titled, “8 pm coitus”?
Amy: Yes. And the one titled “7:55 foreplay”. You didn’t accept either invite.

Hitchcock: Oh, come on! It’s like every woman in this city has all of her teeth. Stupid Bloomberg and his stupid soda ban!

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 7 Episode 6 Recap: 'Trying'
Brooklyn Nine-Nine S 7 E 6: 'Trying'
Is it good?
Touching but heartbreaking moments with Jake and Amy
Works best when all the plots converge
Can be muddled juggling all the storylines

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