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Channel Surfing: TV Picks for the Week of 03/09/2020


Channel Surfing: TV Picks for the Week of 03/09/2020

Black Lightning’s season finale, BEASTARS comes stateside & Westworld’s return

This week’s highlights include the end to Black Lightning season 3, a popular Japanese anime and the long anticipated return of Westworld.

Freeland’s Fight for Freedom

Though airing on the CW as part of their DC Comics programming, Black Lightning seemed to exist in its own corner isolated from the rest of the shows. It wasn’t until this season, its third, that it actually crossed over into the Arrowverse in this year’s “Crisis of Infinite Earths”.

Now, the season finale of the superhero series airs this week. Jefferson’s home of Freeland has been the center of so much excitement facing threats from both the A.S.A. and Markovia. Of course, the Pierce family is going to get involved including a new member they never knew existed. Watch how it all goes down Monday night on the CW.

A High School Murder Mystery

Critically acclaimed manga, BEASTARS, takes place in a world where anthropomorphic animals coexist peacefully. It’s a bit surprising because, like in nature, there are herbivores and carnivores. Over at Cherryton Academy, one of its students, a mild mannered and kind gray wolf named Legoshi, is suddenly struggling with his primal predatory nature. Shortly after, one of his classmates is brutally murdered and devoured setting off tensions and mistrust between the two types of students.

Recently, the series was adapted into an anime for Japanese television and now it’s coming stateside via Netflix. Catch the twelve-episode first season when it is released on March 13 to follow all the mystery and teenage drama.

Life Outside the Park

When we last saw Westworld, Dolores left the titular theme park along with the memory cores of a few other hosts, including Bernard. The new season takes place immediately after her escape into the real world. If she didn’t like how her kind were treated in the amusement park, wait until she sees how artificial beings are considered in future Los Angeles. What kind of trouble is she going to start then?

Season three premieres on HBO on March 15. In addition to the new setting, new characters will be introduced such as Aaron Paul’s Caleb Nichols, Lena Waithe’s Ash and, the one I’m most looking forward to, Marshawn Lynch’s Giggles.


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