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Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 7 Episode 7 Recap: 'Ding Dong'


Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 7 Episode 7 Recap: ‘Ding Dong’

A rivalry ends, Jake must choose between Charles and Terry & a little surprise

The Nine-Nine are in the conference room ready for a special announcement straight from Madeline Wuntch’s office. The mere mention of the name sets Holt off and he can’t help but insult the woman behind her back. When Terry comes in, he breaks the news that the acting commissioner has passed away.


Whether it’s shock or incredulity, Holt continues with his one liners at his rival’s expense. It’s not until he visits her casket that he truly believes she’s gone. He later brings celebratory bagels to the precinct knowing he’s outlasted Wuntch. One person taking the death pretty hard is Amy. But it’s more a side effect of her fertility treatments since the hormones are making her overly emotional.

More good news comes Raymond’s way when he learns that he will be promoted back to Captain now that Wuntch is gone. However, his high quickly goes away when he receives an email from her beyond the grave. As a final act of revenge, she makes him in charge of her police memorial. She knows he can only go a few moments before demeaning her and it would be career suicide to speak ill of a deceased superior officer in front of the attending NYPD higher ups. There’s no way he can go through an entire eulogy without tripping up.

At the service, one of the first guests to arrive, Adam, share’s Holt’s disdain for Wuntch. He even claims to be her one true nemesis. The two go back and forth comparing ways she destroyed their lives until Adam shows a video where she explicitly states that he is her main rival. Raymond is infuriated and genuinely hurt. He had devoted so much time and energy in taking her down while she didn’t reciprocate the effort. As if she had another man in her life.

Holt is so angry, he’s ready to read a less tactful speech in front of the audience. Amy is able to change his mind while Rosa convinces him a better revenge would be to team up with Adam and host a beautiful ceremony. Raymond and his new companion step out and bond by talking trash about Wuntch in private. Both Amy and Rosa don’t like this new friendship and believe he’s working for the former commissioner to sabotage their colleague. Their hunch proves true when Adam secretly tapes their previous conversations and plays them over the projector during the eulogy.

Adam is actually Madeline’s nephew and is carrying out the final phase of their master plan. Luckily, Holt is one step ahead. He staged a fake ceremony in order to draw out the scheme. At the real service, Wuntch’s passing finally hits him as he’ll never match wits with her ever again. He truly misses his long-time rival and is overcome with sadness as he delivers a short but sweet tribute.  

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 7 Episode 7 Recap: 'Ding Dong'

Elsewhere, Jake receives tickets to the world premiere to the Kwazy Cupcakes movie but has to choose between taking Charles and Nikolaj or Terry, Cagney and Lacey as his guests. It’s a difficult decision since he doesn’t want to disappoint anyone. The two dads don’t help matters as they try bribes and bring their kids to work to guilt trip Peralta. They even turn to fisticuffs as the pair box in the ring for the tickets. After fighting to a standstill (surprising considering the weight difference), Jake decides to take the kids himself. Boyle and Jeffords don’t mind because their children are happy and they get free babysitting.

There will be more childcaring for Jake in the future. Amy’s current emotional state isn’t a result of her fertility treatment but more a side effect of pregnancy. After all their attempts, the Peraltas finally have a little one on the way.

Jake’s subplot served as good practice for his upcoming fatherhood. Even though he may only have one on the way, you can’t play favorites with your kids. He’s close with both Charles and Terry and wants a fair way to choose between them but doesn’t want to disappoint them either. Sometimes parenting is making the hard decisions and at least here, everyone wins. Maybe not Jake if the kids misbehave too much.

It was a bit of a surprise learning the Peraltas have a baby on the way, especially in the closing credits scene. For a storyline that’s been ongoing for half of the season (I know we’re already there!) it was a more reserved way for the reveal.

Like Raymond, I too am sad that Madeline Wuntch is gone. The barbs and banter back and forth between them produced some of the sharpest and funniest lines of the show. Despite all the animosity, there was a deep-rooted respect. Sometimes an arch nemesis can be as influential as a supportive friend. They both can challenge you like no other and can make you feel more alive when you succeed. Andre Braugher’s delivery of the eulogy hit all the right notes from sorrow to admiration and respect and even a little joy for having her in his life. It was a fitting farewell to someone who impacted the characters and the series so much.

My Favorite Lines:

Holt: No way that’s true. As Wuntch said when she sees deodorant, I’m not buying it.

Amy: <crying> I wish I had taken the LSAT’s. Not to be a lawyer, just, it seems like a fun test.

Holt: She hacked into my Netflix account and watched the Lizzie McGuire Movie on repeat to ruin my algorithm.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 7 Episode 7 Recap: 'Ding Dong'
Brooklyn Nine-Nine S 7 E 7: 'Ding Dong'
Is it good?
A touching and fitting tribute to a Nine-Nine favorite
A little surprise ending
A quiet way to further a main storyline

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