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Avenue 5 Season 1 Episode 9 (Season Finale) Review: 'Eight Arms but No Hands'


Avenue 5 Season 1 Episode 9 (Season Finale) Review: ‘Eight Arms but No Hands’

The first season of ‘Avenue 5’ ends with a shocking revelation.

Warning! Spoilers for Avenue 5 ahead!

The story so far: Judd decides that Clark is no longer fit to captain his ship. But who will take his place? The passengers have come to the conclusion that all is not as it seems aboard the Avenue 5. Weeks of tension finally boil over leading to the loss of many lives. Since the initial malfunction, Matt has tried to be a calming voice to those on board. After the frenzied passengers make some rash decisions, the Head of Customer Relations begins to doubt himself. Rav makes another big decision.

Heading into the final episode of Avenue 5’s first season, there are many issues aboard the titular ship. The show has done a great job of conveying how those stranded onboard have handled their situation. The final episode of the season sees everything comes to a head. The show starts off with the shocking finale from last week then proceeds to integrate the various happenings.

This is done extremely well in ‘Eight Arms but No Hands’. Not only does the crew have to deal with Matt’s sudden disappearance, they are also preparing to get close to Earth, deal with internal struggles, and eventually figure out who is going to board the escape shuttle. It is a lot to tackle in one episode, but the show handles it effortlessly. The smooth edits prevent things from ever seemingly complicated while the writing gives the idea of chaos without being confusing. It makes for a hectic show that leads to an effective and powerful finale.

After all the tension, the audience is finally seeing how much the crew has come to care for each other. There is genuine concern over what Matt is thinking of doing. Meanwhile, Karen is working ruthlessly to make sure as much junk is jettisoned in order to get the Avenue 5 back home as quickly as possible. While it is great to see there has been a gradual change, it is made better by the fact it never seems out of character. The best example is with Judd. He says he does not want to see more death, but does not know exactly how many people have died.

Avenue 5 Season 1 Episode 9 (Season Finale) Review: 'Eight Arms but No Hands'

The last few minutes of the show may have been the most tense of the debut season. This is done perfectly with lots of fake outs and explanation as to why what is now happening is the correct choice. The revelation of what Karen has done is timed magnificently. It comes at the height of a tough decision and will stun viewers. It also shows just how selfish those aboard the ship are.

The first season of Avenue 5 had its ups and downs. While each episode would do a lot of good things, there were also some decisions that hurt the show. The last few episodes have seen the show hit its stride. Not only have they seen the funniest moments of the show, they have also added layers of unexpected emotion. The first season ended on a cliffhanger that will leave its viewers wanting more.

Avenue 5 Season 1 Episode 9 (Season Finale) Review: 'Eight Arms but No Hands'
Avenue 5 S1 E9 (Season Finale): 'Eight Arms but No Hands'
Is it good?
The season ends with yet another incredibly funny episode. The show has an incredibly surprising twist that sets up the next season.
Great writing that mixes humor and tells a great story
Powerful finale
Karen makes a very uncharacteristic mistake

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