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Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 7 Episode 8 Recap: 'The Takeback'


Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 7 Episode 8 Recap: ‘The Takeback’

It’s Doug Judy’s bachelor party

Rosa picks up a perp who has some real incriminating evidence on him. She rushes out to grab Jake for an interrogation. The suspect had an invitation to Doug Judy’s upcoming marriage. Hurt that he’s been left out, Peralta grills him for the wedding website password.


Still stewing over a lack of an invite, Jake confronts his nemesis/friend at a local pottery making place. Because of his checkered past and criminal associates, Judy felt uncomfortable having a cop at his wedding. To make it up to Peralta, he invites him to his bachelor party. The Pontiac Bandit goes all out chartering a private jet to Miami complements of Marc Cuban (They met on Shark Tank when Judy pitched his Smush Shush blanket). As they arrive at their room, Doug’s sister, Trudy greets them and almost blows Jake’s secret of being a cop.

The siblings and Jake convene in a private room where Doug promises his sister, she’ll see butts (fourteen to be exact) this trip if she smoothes things over with his friends about Jake. During this meeting, Judy’s friends leave and steal diamonds from a Russian oligarch staying at their hotel. When they arrive, Jake’s not happy and convinces everyone to do a reverse heist to return the valuables.

Through an elaborate plan, the diamonds are successfully given back without the Russian knowing and Trudy even gets to see her butts. All fourteen of them. However, while they were carrying out the reverse heist, Jake contacts the local authorities to arrest Judy’s friends. Cops always be coppin’. Both Doug and his sister are disgusted that Peralta would betray them and let him fly back in coach.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 7 Episode 8 Recap: 'The Takeback'

Back at the precinct, Judy surprises Jake with an invitation to the wedding. The whole weekend was all part of Doug’s plan since his fiancée didn’t want his criminal friends to attend the ceremony. It was a much easier way than just not inviting them. Peralta has been Judy’s most stable part of his life these past few years and he asks the detective to be his best man.

Elsewhere, Holt gets reacquainted with his office now that he’s a captain again. He notices an unassuming business card is missing from his desk and Terry tries to replace it but is caught. The card had special meaning because it belonged to a person from Holt’s first case that he disappointed. He used that as inspiration to be a better cop and to never let down anyone again. Although he can’t bring back that card, Terry does bring the business cards of all the people Holt helped throughout his career lifting his boss’ spirits.

The Nine-Nine also receives a new vending machine. Boyle wants one that fits his culinary tastes and serves octopus, eel and clam balls while Hitchcock and Scully want a high tech one that could even supply frozen pizzas. The best friends win out but they fail to check the energy requirements for such a sophisticated machine. It ends up overloading the building and causing a black out.

Overall, it was an excellent episode. The subplots were good and they allowed the rest of the cast to be featured in the show. But it was all really about Doug Judy. Craig Robinson is always so charming and funny as the character and he has such great chemistry with Andy Samberg. It’s so silly how the two complement each other and it’s very fitting when the mismatch pair duet Paula Abdul’s “Opposites Attract”. Judy and Jake’s relationship is so close, it’s surprising Charles isn’t threatened by it.

The reverse heist is an interesting idea but there wasn’t more to it than playing out the sequences. It was very straight forward with no complications or sneaky reveals. Also, I wonder if ‘The Takeback’ will take the place of the annual Halloween Heist episode this season making this one a twofer: a heist and a Doug Judy one. Conversely, since we know Judy’s getting married and Jake’s the best man, I’d be more than willing to give up the Halloween Heist to see more Craig Robinson in a wedding episode.

My Favorite Lines:

Jake: Alright, look Judy. I know you’re getting married.
Judy: Dammit! I didn’t think you’d find about that. Who told you? Ronnie? Bobby? Ricky? Mike?
Jake: Don’t try and change the subject by tricking me into singing New Edition.

Jake: This jet is insane. There’s a private chef that’ll make anything you ask for no matter how expensive. I ordered lobster enchanté.
Judy: Oh damn. What’s that?
Jake: I don’t know I just said the fanciest words I could think of.

Scully: Mmm. The smell of freshly cooked pizza.
Hitchcock: Where are we? Rome, Italy?

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 7 Episode 8 Recap: 'The Takeback'
Brooklyn Nine-NIne S 7 E 8: 'The Takeback'
Is it good?
Craig Robinson's Doug Judy is charming and funny
Robinson and Samberg are a great mismatched duo
Expected more out of a "heist" episode

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