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Wolverine #2 Review

Wolverine faces his greatest fear: Himself.

Wolverine’s greatest fear is that he will somehow lose control of himself. He is always worried that his feral instincts will overcome him, putting the people he loves in danger. It is a real threat to him, and anyone who holds the Wolverine title. If someone gains control of Logan (Or any Wolverine), he can be used to tear people apart.

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The very opening of Wolverine #2 depicts him slashing his way through a barrage of enemies like Sabretooth and Lady Deathstrike. In his final blow on Lady Deathstrike, she slowly morphs into Jean Grey. Logan looks around him and knows instantly in that moment that he has mercilessly slaughtered everyone on his own team. This is something we have seen before, specifically in Old Man Logan. It’s a fear he lives with every day.

Cut to Wolverine waking up in the Healer’s quarters on Krakoa. He is wrapped in vines, naked with a well-placed thought bubble over the goods. He is a total snack. You can tell that Adam Kubert had a fun time illustrating this panel. If there is anything we can count on with the X-Men, it’s that we know there will always be naked Wolverine.

While he is told that what he experienced was a dream, he knows that was also a real event. That lack of control terrifies him. It’s a story that’s been done over and over again for Wolverine, but Benjamin Percy keeps it interesting and fresh.

There is a lot focus on the drug cartel utilizing and selling the mutant flower of Krakoa, an ongoing plot within the X-Men universe. The problem is that the X-Men can’t stop it, and neither can some of the government’s best agents. All they manage to see is “The Pale Girl” when they try to intervene, and she seems to be controlling everyone connected to the drug, including Wolverine. I am intrigued on this character and where this story is going for the future.

Like many of the current X-Men titles, Wolverine is proving to be a comic book worth picking up.

Wolverine #2
Is it good?
Benjamin Percy and Adam Kubert have nailed down Wolverine's personality. Together they can tell a tale of Wolverine that has been told many times before, yet they keep it fresh. I am excited to see where the story goes with the Pale Girl. I am also here for more naked Wolverine.
Beautiful artwork by Adam Kubert.
Wolverine losing control himself is a story that's been done again and again, but Benjamin Percy keeps the story fresh.
Naked Wolverine is always a welcome bonus to read!

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