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Farmhand #15 cover
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‘Farmhand’ #15 review

A game-changing issue for the Jenkins Family.

The secrets of the Jenkins Family Farm come to full fruition in a major way in Farmhand #15. This issue not only serves as a halfway mark for the entire series, but also does something else incredible in the process: solidifies Rob Guillory as not only an incredible artist, but also a great writer.

Guillory’s solid script writing has made the 15-issue journey thus far one filled with entertaining laughs, creatively fun panels, dope splash pages and many other memorable moments. Farmhand is easily shaping up to be one of the best comic series of 2020 and gets me even more excited for the television series that’s currently in development.

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Farmhand #15
Image Comics

This issue is a true testament that what’s done in the dark will not only come to light, but may try to kill you in the process as well. Aside from that, the story transitions are done increasingly well so it never once feels like you’re out of the loop when it comes to what’s going on. Again, the biggest driver for this issue is the storytelling. From the first page to the last, it’s an intense ride that sees good and evil collide in a way that would make great filmmakers like George Romero proud. Each page builds brilliantly towards delivering important information to the reader while leaving some unexpected twists in the process.

'Farmhand' #15 review
Image Comics

The art adds such a good blend of bizarre, creepy, fun, and lighthearted energy to the book that it’s insane. There are a ton of pop culture references as well, from Children of the Corn to Hellraiser to Dawn of the Dead. Between the action, empathetic moments, and overall direction the story takes, Guillory also manages to plant a few seeds for the second arc of the series. Guillory’s creativity in his panel counts is another impressive feat that he makes look way too easy. 

Farmhand #15 is a real game changer for the series. It leaves a lot more story to explore and changes the dynamic between the characters as well. If you’re not already reading this awesome series, now is the time to catch up. If you are able to support your local comic shops right now, be sure to add Farmhand #15 to your list.

Farmhand #15 cover
‘Farmhand’ #15 review
Farmhand #15
Farmhand #15 is a fantastic issue that feels like the season finale that sets the stage for more great things to come.
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Excellent pacing
Amazing visuals
Solid writing

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