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Zack Snyder reveals Darkseid is…going to be in the Snyder cut

Zack Snyder teases Darkseid is coming to HBO Max’s Justice League in 2021.

Earlier today movie director Zack Snyder revealed on Twitter an image from the upcoming HBO Max Justice League director’s cut with the words, “He’s coming…” Around the character is what looks like war machines and lava flowing on the ground. Could this be Darkseid? Check it out below.

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The image is a little blurry and Darkseid is quite small too so it’s hard to make out what his look will be. He certainly won’t be wearing the usual skintight costume we all know and love.


Art by Jack Kirby

The character does appear to have a helmet on of some sort in the tweet revealed by actor Ray Porter. Speaking of Porter, the actor has been tweeting all about Darkseid for months even revealing the sound stage where he voiced the character. And yes, he did officially reveal he is the voice of the character.

The news seems to suggest heavy changes and additions will be made to Scott Snyder’s $20 million director’s cut. I have to say this director’s cut comes at an opportune time for Warner Bros. Pictures since actually making movies on sets is impossible with the pandemic. Snyder can likely work on this for the rest of the year knowing he’s not being taken away from another film to shoot since most films have delayed filming for some time.

What say you reader, are you excited for the Snyder Cut? If you squint you can see just how badass he might be!



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