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Scholomance Academy is Hearthstone's new expansion
Blizzard Entertainment


Scholomance Academy is Hearthstone’s new expansion

The new expansion introduces Dual Class cards and Spellburst, a new keyword.

Blizzard Entertainment announced the newest expansion for Hearthstone today, Scholomance Academy.

In August 2020, the newest expansion for everyone’s favorite digital card game takes players to the fabled halls of Scholomance Academy college of magic to learn under the good Headmaster Kel’Thuzad, and freshman can be assured that the Cult of the Damned is nothing to worry about.

Dual Class cards

Scholomance Academy

Blizzard Entertainment

Scholomance Academy introduces a brand new type of card to the game: Dual Class cards. The new Dual Class cards combine unique mechanics inspired by the two classes that they represent and make up 40 of the 135 cards being released with the new expansion. Each Dual Class combination also includes a shared Legendary minion.

The 10 class combinations are:

  • Druid/Hunter
  • Hunter/Demon Hunter
  • Demon Hunter/Warlock
  • Warlock/Priest
  • Priest/Paladin
  • Paladin/Warrior
  • Warrior/Rogue
  • Rogue/Mage
  • Mage/Shaman
  • Shaman/Druid

New Keyword: Spellburst

Scholomance Academy

Blizzard Entertainment

It wouldn’t be a proper expansion if there wasn’t a new keyword being introduced, so say hello to Spellburst. Hearthstone’s newest keyword allows for a one-time only effect when you cast a spell. So with a Spellburst minion or weapon in play, casting a spell will activate its Spellburst effect.


Scholomance Academy

Blizzard Entertainment

Studies are a new spell feature that allows players to Discover a card immediately and reduce the mana cost of the following card you play of that card type .As Blizzard likes to say, “At Scholomance Academy, dedicated study is rewarded with power!”

Year of the Phoenix Phase 2

year of the phoenix phase 2 roadmap

year of the phoenix phase 2 roadmap

Scholomance Academy marks the beginning of the second phase of the Year of the Phoenix. Between now and the next expansion, you can expect several major updates from us, including balance patches, new Battlegrounds Heroes and minions, a seasonal event, and what was previously spell-locked—a new solo experience and Battlegrounds feature! Let’s not forget—a new game mode is on its way as well! We’ll have more details to share on these exciting developments in the months to come.

Pre-Purchase Scholomance Academy

Pre-purchase one or both Scholomance Academy bundles, available in-game and on the web shop!

The Mega Bundle includes 85 Scholomance Academy card packs and, for the first time ever, 5 of those will be Golden Scholomance Academy packs—each filled with Golden cards! The Mega Bundle also includes one random Scholomance Academy Golden Legendary card, the Kel’Thuzad Mage Hero, the Kel’Thuzad card back, and a Tavern Pass, which includes 4 Arena tickets.

Scholomance Mega Bundle

mega bundle

scholomance bundle

Scholomance Bundle

The Scholomance Bundle Includes 55 Scholomance Academy card packs, the Kel’thuzad card back, and a random Scholomance Academy Golden Legendary card.


Log in and Get Transfer Student for Free

transfer student is a 2 cost 2 attack 2 health neutral minion that has a different effect based on which game board it's played onWith today’s 17.6 patch all players can log in to receive two copies of the Epic Neutral minion, Transfer Student, for free!* Transfer Student has different effects based on which game board it’s played on, with 25 different effects in total, and can be slotted into your decks immediately!*Limit two per account. Must log in by October 20 to claim.

Scholomance Academy is Hearthstone's new expansion

We released the 17.6 patch today with balance changes, Battlegrounds updates, and more! 

Check out the 17.6 patch notes here.


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