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dallas and robo 1.2.2


‘Dallas & Robo’ season 1 episode 2 review: ‘Moonbound and Down’

One of these days, Dallas. Bang! Zoom! Straight to the moon!

The second episode of Dallas & Robo picks right up from the season premiere. The stranger in white corners Robo and is looking to collect a bounty on the AI but his best friend, Dallas, comes to the rescue. After scaring the stranger off (for now), the pair decide to hit up a Martian casino during its soft opening.

[Slight Spoilers Ahead]

Along with their coworkers, Dallas and Robo get into the kind of mischief you’d expect they would by gambling it up and keeping the booze flowing. This kind of behavior reflects poorly on the boss, Dallas’ Uncle Danny, while he tries negotiating more regular work from the casino’s owner, Victor Goldsmith. However, Goldsmith is in need of a fast delivery from the Earth’s moon for one of his whales and makes a wager with Dallas. If she can bring back a New York style pizza in less than six hours, he’ll contract her uncle’s business. Dallas accepts but more for the other stipulation; free alcohol from the casino for a year.

Elsewhere, Dallas’ cousin, Ellie, learns their colleague, Fat Paul has never gambled before. She takes it upon herself to show him all the fun they can have through the different games that can be played. They soon get in over their head and find themselves in a deep hole. Meanwhile, the last member of the trucking crew, The Woodsman, tries pulling a prank on Dallas and Robo in their ship, the Georgia Overdrive, but his plan goes awry and he gets caught up in their delivery.

Overall, “Moonbound and Down” is an improvement on the first episode. You see more of how much Dallas and Robo care for each other. Particularly in the opening scene when Dallas protects her friend from the stranger in white. It’s also inferred that he’s not the first person she’s had to scare off.

dallas and robo 1.2.1

It is also nice to get a better feel of the supporting cast and to explore them a bit more. Fat Paul is the innocent but kind of slow overweight guy that people can be easily manipulated while Ellie is the well-intentioned friend that can take things too far. Then, there’s The Woodsman who’s the jerk nobody likes and always gets what’s coming to him. The subplots involving the rest of the trucker crew serve as a nice break from Dallas and Robo’s exploits and provide more depth to the show.

In addition to the stranger in white, there are some nice call backs from the season premiere and it’s nice to see that even though there’s a new adventure in the episode, that the stories are interconnected. The writing and humor can be a bit lowbrow from The Woodsman upper decking in the Georgia Overdrive’s bathroom to the simple way Robo gets the pizza on the moon and reboards the ship. That’s not to say it’s not still entertaining and not everything has to be so sophisticated and serious.

One aspect the series does well is dropping little crumbs that hopefully lead to bigger things later on. During Dallas’ run to the moon, she passes by Earth, where she used to race stock cars, and looks back with disdain. It’d be interesting to see what really lead to her trucking on Mars for her uncle. Also, it seems the same benefactor that commissioned the stranger in white has other spies looking for Robo. Why is someone so interested in him?

Sometimes a first episode of a series can be a little shaky but in Dallas & Robo’s case, it seems like things are improving. Further exploration into the rest of the trucking crew allows for more depth outside of the main stars and the overarching mysteries build up the intrigue for what hopefully gets addressed later in the season.

Watch Dallas & Robo Saturday nights at midnight-ish on Syfy.

dallas and robo 1.2.2
Dallas & Robo S 1 E 2: 'Moonbound and Down'
An improvement over the first episode that provides a better feel for the supporting cast and an intriguing overarching mystery.
Reader Rating1 Vote
The Dallas and Robo chemistry.
Getting to know the other characters.
The intrigue over Robo.
Still suffers from some drawbacks of the first episode.
Lowbrow writing and humor.

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